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Hello Jean-Luc,

I have not been having much luck in importing flight plans from my favorite planners. The most important of these is Pilot2ATC. If I create an IFR flight with P2A, the ATC will function correctly throughout the flight. But when I try to export the plan to the GTN750, the intermediate (enroute) waypoints are locked which means that I can't use the plan. I made a plan from KOAK BSR RZS KSNA and P2A wrote the following flight plan for the GTN:
FPN/RI:F:KOAK:F:BSR:F:RZS:F:KSNA which gave me the result shown if you click on this photo so I end up with just the departure and the destination.

But I can take the same waypoints and enter them manually into the GTN and then the plan works. 
Little NavMap also exports to GTN, but substitutes lat/long for the named waypoints enroute like this: FPN/RI:F:KOAK:F:N36109W121385:F:N34306W119463:F:KSNA  That works although BSR and RZS (which are in the Garmin database) are just listed as numbered user waypoints.
It gets even more complicated when I try to use SIDs or STARs.
I'm wondering if you could supply Dave at Pilot2ATC with current formatting data so that he could correctly export your plans?????

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the data 'formatting' information is already included. It is the PDF file you'll find in the sample pack which installs in "C:\Program Data\Reality XP\Common\GtnTrainer\"

Is this what you are looking for?

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