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Mettar Simulations and ProjectFly

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So I'm on my way to work on the tube this morning reading Matt's Dev update and I thought to myself, there is more drama in this community than there is in the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Make if it what you will.  It's in the public domain, so it will get spoken about I'm sure.

Drama aside,  I am looking forward to both products and I will support both products.   It's a win-win for all of us - it's just unfortunate that these things do happen and that feelings have to get hurt in the process.  

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This should be titled 'One developer gets upset over another developer producing similar product.'

The flight sim community is small and because of that, there are plenty of egos. What we should remember is that our favourite developers are still businesses making money from us, the simmer. We are supporting their commercial enterprises by purchasing the products we like. If I have a choice than that's excellent news and I will buy the one I like the most.

All the rest is just melodrama.

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