XE 1.09 and RealityXP / Carenado PC-12 Conflict?

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I recently updated my XE from 1.06 to 1.09. I also just purchased the RealityXP GTN 750 for my Carnado PC-12. With this configuration, I was getting issues with the gauge powering up in the airplane, in addition to some very strange pre-set zoomed in views in the 3D cockpit. I was not even thinking XE but someone suggested I remove all my plugins, then run XP again to see if the issue is resolved. After removing all my plugins except the RealityXP one, the gauge worked in the panel as expected. I went back to investigate the rest of my plugins. Since XE was the last plugin that I updated, I started here. I'm running version 1.09:

1. after removing all plugins, I added ONLY xEnviro version 1.09 to plugins and viola, the same issue appeared. Large, zoomed in screen, no way to click the 750, unit does not power on.

2. I removed xEnviro so there were no other plugins except RealityXP (baseline), started the sim and PC-12 again and back to normal, except the double menu on the bottom left.

3. I added ALL plugins back in EXCEPT xEnviro, and all was still fine

4. Added xEnviro with all other plugins enabled and screen issue came back.

5. I removed xEnviro 1.09 and tried 1.08. Same problem. Tried 1.07 and all WORKS. So for now, I can only upgrade from XE 1.06 to 1.07.

I'm not sure the connection here but it seems that something does not agree with versions 1.08 and 1.09 of xEnviro. My specific setup in this scenario is:


Carenado PC-12 v1.2

latest RealityXP GTN 750 and Garmin trainer programs

Happy to help troubleshoot.


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Hi Aaron,

I've seen the thread thanks to the link posted in the other discussion about the PC12 here:

The common denominator to the issue seems to only be xEnviro isn't it?

I guess this is the kind of plugin which 'injects' opengl data into the 'rendering' frame and this might be the root cause of the issue: should the plugin mess with the OpenGL state at some point, it will do this.

I'm wondering: instead of 'removing' xEnviro, what if 'disabling' it with the Admin plugin and see if this cures the glitches immediately, and 'enabling' it back and see if this restores the glitches.

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