v2.5.2.1 Install Fail after Uninstall Previous Version

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In mid-May 2018, I purchased RealityXP GTN750 for X-Plane 11 (Windows10).  It never installed properly after multiple attempts.  The GTN750 did appear in 3D cockpits but with blank screens (battery/avionics on), across multiple vendors (Just Flight, Carenado, etc.) I became so frustrated, I just removed the rxpGTN folder from the X-Plane 11 plugin folder.  Recent videos showing the Reality XP GTN750 in use rekindled my interest in getting it installed properly.

My first step was uninstalling it from Windows10 using the Windows10 uninstaller.  I then manually uninstalled various Reality XP folders in Windows10 & X-Plane 11.

I started the original (May 2018) setup app and was prompted that an up update was available.  I updated it successfully, receiving the file: "rxpGTN-750-XPL.exe," dated 6/1/2018.  The following error message was received shortly after starting the executable:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GTN
Simulation\X-Plane\Reality XP GTN User's Manual (XPlane).pdf

An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file:
DeleteFile failed; code 5
Access is denied.

Click Retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file (not
recommended), or Abort to cancel installation.

It sounds like I should not have uninstalled the original files.  I feel like I've dug myself into a pretty deep hole.  Please provide assistance so that I can get out of the hole I created and successfully install this product, once and for all.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm sorry for the unexpected unboxing experience.

Is the aforementioned file present on your hard drive? What about manually deleting it then launching the setup again?

NB: once you've authenticated the e-commerce installer ('REINSTALL', enter key/user/password details), it extracts the software installer in "C:\RealityXP\rxpGTN-XPL-Setup.exe". You can start this one directly instead from then on.

Also, the 'setup.exe' file version tells you which version the installer is about (right click | properties | details | file version). The latest is v2.5.2.1 and we are about to publish in the following hour v2.5.3 anyhow.

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Well I got it working in one aircraft (Just Flight) but lost mouse scroll wheel capability.  I also received the following error message in the log: rxpGtnSim.dll.log:

18/06/30 16:02:52.004 13920 -          ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version
18/06/30 16:02:52.004 13920 INFO   ] 
18/06/30 16:07:04.112 13920 WARN ] A component version required by the application conflicts with another component version already active., code: 000036b8
18/06/30 16:07:04.120 13920 WARN ] rxpGtnSim32.dll  v2.5.1.0 (32bits), v2.5.2.0 (64bits)
18/06/30 16:07:04.352 08712 INFO   ] 
18/06/30 16:12:37.390 11060 INFO   ] 
18/06/30 16:14:14.810 06424 INFO   ] 

Please advise.

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you have mixed up files in your drive like indicated in the log. Furthermore, v2.5.3 is released since a couple days now.

I'd suggest you download and install the latest version, and prior this, you manually delete:

  • C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGtnSim32.dll
  • C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGtnSim64.dll
  • XP11\Resources\Plugin\rxpGTN\

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