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I would like to add AI planes to my P3dV4.3...Is there a site that provides complete packages of AI that can simply be added as a total package (traffic files, airplanes etc) to the simulator without one having to compile routes and so on? Thanks for your advice!

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If I understand it correctly, you're looking for a single package instead of having to install small groups or individual AI aircraft models.  With that in mind...

Which Sim (FSX/P3D/Xplane) are you talking about (it makes a difference)?

For P3Dv4.x I would only consider using:

1. If you need Traffic Files, then I would use Ultimate Traffic Live.

2. If you don't need Traffic Files (for instance, you only fly on VATSIM), then I would (and do) only use the Boston Virtual AI Library (Google BVAI and you'll get the site).

I don't fly on IVAO, and I'm not sure what the state of their MTL is for P3DV4.x.

If you're using FSX on IVAO then the MTL is very good.  I I believe the MTL has traffic files, but please double check this as I said about I don't fly on IVAO and haven't used the MTL in a few years.

Ultimate Traffic Live works with FSX.

I'm afraid I can't help you with Xplane.  Laminar is providing me with a copy of the latest Xplane, but I haven't got it yet (my fault, not theirs).


Hope you find this helpful.

Best wishes.


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Thanks for the detailed reply! I am using P3dVer4.3...Would Ultimate Traffic 2 also work with P3dVer4.3? I have a copy of that (somewhere) that I used with FSX a couple of years ago...I am just getting back into flight simulation and have a lot to learn with the new stuff that is out there! Thanks again!

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Unfortunstely, only a few of the UT2 models are compliant with P3DV4.3. You really need UTL for P3DV4.


Best wishes!

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Will UT2 work with P3d Ver 3? Thanks!

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