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Restart the ATC from a certain state

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Actually, this is not so much a bug as an improvement proposal: would it be possible to add a feature where you could "restart" the ATC from a certain state of your flight - ie. pre-taxi - taxi out - departure - climb - cruise - descent - approach - taxi in?  The reason I'm asking is I am from Finland and, while pretty fluent in English, sometimes P2A interprets my request wrong.  Like two days ago - I landed on KORD and requested "request taxi to the gate".  On my third attempt, P2A finally "recognized" my request - and started to give me the taxi out instructions to the active runway, although all I requested were the taxi-in instructions to the available gate!

There are numerous situations where P2A doesn't understand me. Now I know part of this is my fault. It would just be very helpful if I could "reinstate" the ATC to the flight phase I'm actually having, instead of ending the whole program and flying without ATC.

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Ignore the taxi to the runway instructions (or what ever went wrong) and repeat your request to the ramp (or whatever you really wanted) if P2A understands you correctly eventually it will give you the correct response. Most of the controlling is really smoke and mirrors and it just tells you what it thinks you want to hear, you can't generally get in a state where you need to restart everything. It has happened to me on a couple of occasions today and I'm English English lol.

The one that I get stuck on is where it tells you you are clear to change frequency when a controller is no longer controlling you, then as soon as you do change frequency it tells you to change back to where you just came from. I'm suspecting this maybe my noobness with P2A, I've only bought it in the last 3 or 4 weeks but I'm loving the immersion it provides with chatter in X-Plane, P2A is a must there as the included ATC in XP11 is beyond a joke..

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