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Problems with ORBX and Tomato Shade in Prepar3D v4.3

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Hello folks!

I bought Prepar3D version 4.3 some days ago, but some things are not quite working.

So... Prepar3D was automatically installed into (C:)\Program Files\, I did a short testflight and there seemed to be no issues at all. I decided to install all of my ORBX products, and that was when my first issue appeared. I began with ORBX FTX Base, then OpenLC Europe and North America, then FTX Lights, all airports in EU and NA and then FTX AU and Melbourne. FTX Vector was the last one to be installed, although I thought it was the second product I queued. But the problem I got was that OpenLC Europe froze at 47%, so I restarted FTX Central and tried to install it again, but it froze at 13%. I wondered if it was the location of the installation of prepar3D that caused the conflict and according to you it is a potential risk to install Prepar3D on the drive where the OS is located. So I went ahead and moved the complete Prepar3D folder from (C:)\Program Files\ to the (D:) drive, and then everything worked fine- No freezes when downloading everything from FTX Central. The problem had probably been solved and I installed Tomato Shade without any issues. Then the strange things happened. Today when I fired up the simulator, it was just stuck in the loading screen, so I followed the steps in cedarjet201's video and after some problems with the "solution", Prepar3D was back up on the horse again... But... I couldn't configure FTX Vector and FTX Lights, and Tomato Shade couldn't find where I had installed Prepar3D. I'm considering a full re-install now, but do you guys think that there could be another solution to this?

Thanks in advance

/Viggo Edbom

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Generally it's not advised installing into the Program Files folders, due to admin rights issues and whatnot. Plus, you can't simply move an entire folder, as everything installed under Windows relies on registry entries for paths to the software, plus path data was written in various CFG files for P3D. You're best off removing it completely and installing it correctly, on the D drive.

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