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The crew 2 with next-gen graphics?

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The video below shows a night time flight in the crew 2. 

This is what next-gen flight simulator could look like

link to YouTube :


A few thing to note:

* there are way many more point lights than fsx-based scenery can support, maybe even p3d

* the visual range at altitude seems to be at least 70nm which would be passable even for airliners

* the visual range is also greater than GTA 

* buildings can be zoomed in to street level where you can look into windows, (no texture map walls, but fully detailed buildings)

* the miniature USA features most of the US landscape types and 4 autogen types , taking about 20 GB+ (Including vehicles)


The map is much smaller, los angeles - las vegas in the crew 2, in fsx på like a trip to Bakersfield (north of LA).

A 1:1 scale us might not be dynamically loadable at this detail level?

the map is «fantasy» , buildings in example LA is not 1:1, also buildings are generic not «Google earth»

There is some scenery popup at least on my ps4


So with graphics like this is it about time we get a flight simulator with next-gen (or current gen) graphics?

- Kinetic 


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Obviously the 'game' designer knows absolutely nothing at all about aircraft or flight dynamics.

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Of course, but thats the job of the cpu, my post is about the utilisation of the gpu.



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