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Slats not retracted and nine Numbers impossible works

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Hi. Please: i have 2 issues on my FS2Crew:

1. The command Slats retracted  dosen’t work! The FO don’t move the Slats to up after i speak Slats Retracted! Flaps Up, no problem! The green bar its Ok! My Joystick is Mad Catz Fly 5 with FSUIPC free!

2. The number 9 never work when i speak the command , for example: set heading 129. Set course on my side 239, etc!

i am using Win 10, P3D v4.3!

Thank you all and sorry for my  english!!!

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1. So you saw exactly 'SLATS RETRACT' in the green bar?  That phrase exactly?

Try the tutorial again.  If you see the phrase in the green bar and you're following the manual, it'll work.

Your joystick could be running interference if you have something connected to the flaps command.


2. Try running the voice training again.  Say 9 like "nine".  


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Good evening, Mr. York! Thank you very much for your attention!


1. You are right! My fault! I was speaking Slats “Retracted” and no Slats ”Retract”!!! Works fine now!!!

2. The issue of the number “Nine” solved now! I used Trainning Speech Reconigtion! Works now!!!

Please, just two questions: i am training two words referents the Pre Star Check: Altimeters ... (command “QNH”) and Flight Level: (command “Passing”  (example: Transition... “PASSING” Flight Level ... ), but the FS2Crew don’t recognise the words (“QNH” and “Passing”) and the green bar not show at the top. Can you help me on that issues? (Note: I am trainning that on the Speech Reconigtion, but no sucess)!


Thank you, Mr. York!



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