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P4AO Edit Scenery Question

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Hello Oliver,

Could you confrm that P4AO has the ability to actually move files from a scenery.cfg setup over to an addon.xml setup in P3Dv4.3. For example, I have airport scenery for a particular airport, which is contained within the legacy scenery.cfg. Is P4AO able to move the respective files over to a new location and create the necessary addon.xml entries, as necessary?  

I've read your forum tutorial re: adding scenery legacy, but I thought I read that somewhere in the forum about auto-moving things/files around, while making the xml entries. But just wanted to be sure before I proceed in that direction.




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Hello Michael,

no, it does not move any scenery files.

That would be a very bad idea anyway. For one, it would break the scenerys maintenance and uninstall programs. Second, P4AO cannot know which files in Effects, Sound, World\Scenery, Autogen etc have to be moved with the scenery - there is no indication anywhere in the sim about that.

Best regards 

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Hello Oliver,,

I thought I had read that somewhere, but didn’t  sound right to me. Thank You for the clarification.

Best regards,



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