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FS2Crew: impossible command “QNH” and “Passing” voice

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Hi! Good evening!

I am training two words referents the Pre Star Check: Altimeters ... (command “QNH”) and Flight Level: (command “Passing”  (example: Transition... “PASSING” Flight Level ... ), but the FS2Crew don’t recognise the words (“QNH” and “Passing”) and the green bar not show at the top. Can you help me on that issues? (Note: I am trainning that on the Speech Reconigtion, but no sucess)!


Thank you!!



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For the Altimeter challenge, say:

"2992 Check" or "1012 Set".

The system is looking for a number followed by "set" or check" in the same sentence.


For the 2nd one the trigger phrase is the word "now".  The other words you mentioned the system is not looking for.

Make sure you say "now" separably from any other words so the system can detect it.



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