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Is anyone familiar with this application ?  Seems like a telemetry fligtht data recorder, primarily for DCS, but can be used in Xplane and also P3D.    The question about a recorder function was raised on another thread looking for something similar to FSRecorder, but which could specifically record PMDG animation data and play a flight back smoothly within the sim

TACVIEW was suggested, but the answer to the question wasn't specifically confirmed..  It seems to play back your flight within its own map based interface but I can't establish whether you are also able to play back your flight within your sim of choice.  Is anyone familiar with it?


I assume people would have been all over this like chocolate sauce on ice-cream if it was able to record and playback in-sim, but it also comes with a price tag of approx $50 for the advanced version.  I have never heard of it - up until yesterday, so it probably doesn't have in sim playback.


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Hi Erich

I am not aware of any in-sim replay functionality of Tacview. Tacview is replaying the flight in its own map (which can be filled with specific terrain layer data). There is a free Tacview Starter version and a 21 day free trial period for Tacview Standard. So you might want to try whether the software suits your needs.

Best reagrds


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