User Wpts disappeared after update

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For the love of God, tell me I didn’t lose all of them! There were hundreds in my userwpts.txt file. 

The unit now seems much better with all the improvements, but how can I import them again? Also, isn’t there a better way of updating it without losing the created waypoints and plans?


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I had this happen once with stored flight plans. The culprit is the Garmin Trainer and how it installs.  I routinely back up pertinent database files before I update the software.  I have not updated to the latest GTN yet. I believe I saw the trainer installs files into a different location with the latest Trainer update.  Perhaps your previous files are still intact in the previous location. They should look like "sys_nandi" (650) and "sys_nandj" (750).  Hope that is the case. 

Also, did you import your user waypoints from a text file or files?  I do not believe the installers would affect such text files.  I typically create my .gfp flight plans as text files and import them. That way I know I have a second-level backup set beyond the

There are topics here pertaining how to identify critical database files that contain particulars like stored flight plans and user waypoints. Suggest you find and apply what you learn and you will be prepared next time.

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Hi Frank!

Thanks for the response,

I've managed to recover the (user.wpt) file through my crashplan backup account and add it to the new corrected folder, now importing back all the waypoints.

Thanks for the tips!


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