request for YBTL P3dv4 scenery

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Hello all,

I have not the faintest idea whether or not I am in the right forum here and I further, do not know whether my request is legal or not. If I am wrong in either areas please feel free to put me in my place.

What I am seeking is a Townsville (Australia) scenery for P3Dv4. I have only just migrated to this platform and updating from FS2004 as most of you guys/girls will know. 

Before my move to P3Dv4, aussie.ex was hacked and/or suffered catastrophic problems which remain unresolved at this time. I have managed to get a lot of my Australian scenery from the library here but I cannot find a complete

YBTL which would be readily available if aussie.ex was up and running.

Is it possible under those conditions to PM me with an attachment of aussie.ex YBTL scenery, or, can somebody please, please, point me to the right place to download it or an alternative. 

I thank any good samaritan in advance.



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Posted (edited)

Ozx up to v3.5 including Object library Libraries are still available for download from https://archive.org/details/@jaykae&tab=uploads  Ozx includes YBTL but I don't think it has been released as a separate airfield.

Other Ozx Airfields can be found in this thread in the Orbx Forum (you will have to register to view it):


Ants Aussie Airports can also be found on his website:



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Many apologies for my tardy reply to your response.

I had actually downloaded and saved Ozx 3.5 quite a while ago. When I installed it via the installer, i could not find it again ... in fact it is still installed but YBTL remains a default (read pitiful) airport with no resemblance to the actual airport. I cannot find it in the scenery library either.  I have no idea where it is or what airports are on it.  So far, I so not think it has had any impact on any of my paid airport sceneries.  My flight sim computer is down at the moment and I am looking for a replacement Motherboard, so I cannot do much about it anyway.  

When all is restored I shall pursue this further.

Thanks again for your reply mate ... much appreciated.



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