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I've noticed for some airports the recommended STAR is none even when its direct from my last waypoint.

An example is at Dubai INTL, my imported flight plan ends and the VUTEB waypoint, which has the VUTE3B or VUTE3E stars leading to runway 12R, but Pilot2ATC never recommends this and instead only recommends a straight in approach with no STAR.

The first screenshot shows the STAR when i manually input it, the 2nd shows the route after I click File and it loads its recommended procedures. Not sure if this is intended but if it is, is there a way to force P2ATC to always prefer a STAR over no star. I've tried choosing randomise sid's and stars but it still always chooses none.



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P2A will choose not to assign a STAR when the direct approach saves significant distance or avoids sharp turns.  To force the STAR, uncheck the ATC Assigns STAR option and it should then leave your selected STAR in place.

I've added a "Force STAR" option to the next update, 2506, so that this evaluation of the STAR for directness will be skipped.


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Awesome! Thanks so much!

Any ETA on the update? I've only got 4 days left on my trial 😞

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