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FlySimWare Learjet 35 no switch sounds

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When I downloaded and installed the Flysimware Learjet 35, it installed fine into P3D v4.

But, when I used it, it had no switch sounds. I located folder in which all the switch sounds are contained, so the sounds are on my computer.

I checked the APPDATA Roaming folder, looking through addons.cfg, EXE.xml, but no trace of the aurcraft.

I checked my ProgramData folder, looked through addons.cfg, exe.xml, dll.xml, with again, no sign of the aircraft. 

I was looking through the installer, and I didn't see anything being installed in those files. So, I can assume, that this addon doesn't require the addons.cfg, or the exe or dll.xml, so I think that's fine.

But, I looked through the panel CFG of the plane, and I used notepad to find the word "Sound" and a few things popped up, but it was really just bunch of numbers and commas.

Then, I looked through the aircraft CFG and didn't find anything related to the switch sounds. 

I don't know if i'm missing something, but I would like to know how to fix this,

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If you have installed into the addons folder then you need to change the path in the panel.cfg file .



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12 minutes ago, Aaron Kim said:

What exactly do I have to change in the panel.cfg file?

It should look something like this: This is just a sample and not your actual one.

gauge80=dsd_xml_sound2!dsd_xml_sound2,  2,2,5,5,.\Gauges\dc6b_sound.ini
gauge81=dsd_xml_config!config,  94,268,20,20,.\Gauges\dc6b_config.ini

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yes that's right, for the FSW l35 the line is

gauge11=FBGS_XMLSound_x64!FBGS_XMLSound, 0,0,1,1,Sound\MT#81

I normally have to edit it to this

gauge11=FBGS_XMLSound_x64!FBGS_XMLSound, 0,0,1,1,D:\Users\bob\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Flysimware\Sound\MT#81

the switch sounds are SN1 to SN81

you should find these sound files in the sound folder

I say normally but I didn't for some reason have to do with the latest l35 update

you will not need to do this if you have install the l35 in the default location of P3D

if you installed it into the addons folder you should have folders:-  

Flysimware  …….……..Effects


                                      Simobjects …..Airplanes.....FLYSIM Learjet 35A



bob edit...

my add-on.xml file is

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on">
  <AddOn.Description>Aircraft by Flysimware</AddOn.Description>

although I created a Fonts and gauges folder they were not used in the installation so I should realy edit and remove those from the xml file


Edited by onebob

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Thank you.

But, interestingly, the beginning of the panel.cfg you mentioned, my panel.cfg looks like this.

This one is the GNS panel.cfg

Background_color = 0,0,0
size_mm = 900,900
visible = 1
pixel_size = 900,900
texture = $gps_1
gauge00 = Learjet_35A!SYSTEM,             0,0,2,2
gauge01 = Learjet_35A!FUEL_USED,          0,0,2,2
gauge02 = Learjet_35A!FUEL_SYS,           0,0,2,2
gauge03 = Learjet_35A!CLICK,              0,0,2,2
gauge04 = Learjet_35A!SOUNDS,             0,0,2,2
gauge05 = Learjet_35A!ALERTS,             0,0,2,2
gauge06 = Learjet_35A!AP_MODES,           0,0,2,2
gauge07 = Learjet_35A!SPD_HOLD,           0,0,2,2
gauge08 = Learjet_35A!ALT_HOLD,           0,0,2,2
gauge09 = Learjet_35A!VS_HOLD,            0,0,2,2
gauge10 = Flysimware_Lear35A_Fuel_Dump!Fuel_Dump,    0,0,2,2
gauge11 = MT_XMLSound!MT_XMLSound,        0,0,2,2
gauge12 = FLYSIMWAREGPS!FLYSIMWAREGPS,    10,10,900,1036
gauge13 = FLYSIMWAREGPS!BOOTSCREEN,       66,190,596,509
gauge14=Learjet_35A!KEYS,                 0,0,2,2

This one is the GTN panel cfg (I dont own the Flight1 gtn 650/750)


gauge00=Learjet_35A!SYSTEM,             0,0,2,2
gauge01=Learjet_35A!FUEL_USED,          0,0,2,2
gauge02=Learjet_35A!FUEL_SYS,           0,0,2,2
gauge03=Learjet_35A!CLICK,              0,0,2,2
gauge04=Learjet_35A!SOUNDS,             0,0,2,2
gauge05=Learjet_35A!ALERTS,             0,0,2,2
gauge06=Learjet_35A!AP_MODES,           0,0,2,2
gauge07=Learjet_35A!SPD_HOLD,           0,0,2,2
gauge08=Learjet_35A!ALT_HOLD,           0,0,2,2
gauge09=Learjet_35A!VS_HOLD,            0,0,2,2
gauge10=Flysimware_Lear35A_Fuel_Dump!Fuel_Dump,    0,0,2,2
gauge11=MT_XMLSound!MT_XMLSound,        0,0,2,2
gauge12=Learjet_35A!KEYS,               0,0,2,2

You can clearly see that on the "gauge11=MT_XMLSound!MT_XMLSound" after the 0,0,2,2 there's no path. Meaning, it's not even trying to make the sound, because the panel.cfg didn't specify a path.

I installed the L35 in the Prepar3D folder, not the Addon folder.

Could you please give me a copy of this section of your panel.cfg? (For both GNS and GTN)

Edited by Aaron Kim

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I'll try installing to FSX SE then i'll compare the cfgs

EDIT: I installed into FSX SE, checked the panel.cfgs, and it's the exact same.

Edited by Aaron Kim

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For it to work in P3D v4.3 you will need the 64 bit sound file. are you sure you clicked on the P3D button v4 at install.


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Doh! That fixed it. 😛

But, also, the RealityXP Bendix King - Wx500 Weather Radar i also own. But, I don't know how to put it in P3D.

I saw the screenshots on Flysimware's website, but I don't know how to get the Bendix weather radar on the Lear35. 

I don't want to buy the Milviz, so I just thought I could somehow get the Bendix on.

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That's good news, glad your sorted.

I use the milviz wx gauge but at the moment having a problem with it in w10. ( the CTD may be caused by the 2d pop-ups,) the FSW L35 picks up this gauge if you have it installed on your computer, therefore there is no need for any setting up.

Sorry I don't know how to install the Reality wx gauge so I can't help you with that. Not used any Reality gauges since the gns530 in fsx, but have been looking at then recently.


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