Logitech Radio Panel doesn't show frequencies

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Guten Tag aus Berlin. Hello from Berlin/Germany.

I'm running Windows 10 Pro / 64 , P3D V4.3x

I recently purchased 3 Logitech (ex Saitek) Panels : Switch Panel, Multi Panel and Radio Panel.

After a great frustration at the beginning, because the switch panel disabled after a few second, the multi panel didnt show anything on the display, I learned about the EnhancedPowerManagement that has to be disabled in the Registry.

Switching the settings of those 3 devices from 1 to 0 I got the Switch Panel and the Multi Panel working 100%.

The Radio Panel does respond correct to the Logitech Test Software. Every Digit is working in the frequency display while running the self-test. But unfortunately there ist absolutely nothing when P3D is up and running.

Is there any more Reg-Edit to do, to get those digits of the Radio Panel working in P3D V4.x? Does anyone have the Radio Panel up and working in a similar P3D V4.x 64Bit environment?

Yes, i got the latest Logitech Driver, which is the same piece of software for all 3 devices. 
No, I don't have any old Saitek Drivers. In my opinion It must work with the latest Logitech drivers !? (Flight_Panels_x64_Software_8.0.150.0.exe)
No, I don't use SPAD. For assigning Buttons and Switches I'm using LINDA.
Yes, i already tried different USB 2 and 3 ports and I did test using a powered USB-Hub.

Thanks in advance for helping me with this issue.


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Try going into Control Panel, Device Manager, select Human Interface Devices and look at the devices listed.  Attempt to identify the Radio Panel. Try unplugging it and then re-plugging it to identify which if any devices disappear then reappear.  Then if you are able to identify it there, right click on the item you identified and select Properties. Look for a tab named Power Management.  If so, click on that tab and make sure the checkbox is cleared.

Also, there are small apps that take care of the Registry issues for you.  Perhaps you are missing one issue.  The app I have used is named SaitekUSBFix.exe.  I am aware there are others as well, including USBEnhancedPowerManagementDisabler,exe  but I have not used them.

The drivers I use are Saitek drivers that predate when Logitech acquired the brand.  The one I believe applies to my Multi-Panel is Pro_Flight_FSX_Plugin_7_0_50_1_x64_Software.exe dated in January of 2016.  I do not have the Radio Panel.

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I used the disabler.exe the other day. It worked perfectly. You just have to unplug all the usb after running it. 

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i had the same problems you describe and did the same steps to fix them.  No joy.  I tried SPAD.neXt (I read that you do not use SPAD).   It all works now.  No more problems with displays not displaying.  P3Dv4.3.  Good luck.

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Thanks ncngrr.

I did download the latest version of, disabled LINDA.

In the PANELS section of there`s a little test-switch top-left of the radio panel illustration. Using this, all the digits show random numbers.

Unfortunately while using P3D ( as administrator in background) there's still no digit to see. I was trying several different aircraft, several profiles.

The knob to set the frequencies is working, but that was the same with LINDA.

I still don't see any frequency on the display.

Think I'm tired now and will return the unit to AMAZON.

Looking into I must say: I love LINDA. It's way more easy to use LINDA than trying to understand the complex idea behind


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