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I recently had to do a full uninstall/reinstall of P3Dv4.3 and after a month of reinstalling and updating everything again, I am finally ready to take back to the skies... except the flight planner in P3D isn't working right

I make flight plans in PFPX and save them to the documents folder as.pln (ex-KSEAZBAA01.pln). Part of my add-on scenery is updated intersections with updated names and locations. As long as that is enabled, P3D tells me it is unable to find a route. If I disable it, it loads my imported flight plan fine. I had the same intersection scenery installed and enabled prior to reinstall and it worked fine. OK, I can live without the installed updated intersections and the flight plan will load into the P3D flight planner, but it still wants to start me at the default runway. Prior to reinstall, I was able to select the starting airport after loading the flight plan (still in edit mode) and select the starting gate and it would ask me if I want to overwrite the existing plan and I would say yes. I'm not getting this option now. If I try to edit the flight plan to the starting gate, P3D deletes my flight plan and rewrites a completely new one. Now my intersections and route is not the same as what is planned and what is exported to the aircraft FMS computer.

What happened to the ability to just import a flight plan, select starting gate from departure location, and overwrite the existing flight plan? It used to be that the route would always remain 100% the same with the only change being starting at a gate instead of default runway. It's really annoying to have to load the sim with all the traffic running starting at the default runway and then have to go to the menu and move the aircraft to the gate I wanted to start at and hope that it isn't taken by AI first.

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Sounds like PFPX and P3D are seeing different things. Are you sure both are seeing the same updated data? 

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yeah they are.

If when I open P3d and select load flight plan, it reads it exactly right, but when I try to tell P3d to start me at a gate instead of a runway, P3d rebuilds its own new flight plan instead of just overwriting the original.


My current work around is to load the flight plan and when back to the opening screen, then click change airport and set it to the gate I want to start at. It works that way, but its not how it was before where I could do it all from the flight plan edit screen in P3D.


PFPX doesn't read AFCAD files so it has no way of knowing what gate I want to start at. That has always been done in P3D.

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This is a known bug in P3D and will get addressed in the next update. Load your flight plan twice in a row and you should be alright.

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What I do is select my starting airport and gate at the home screen after selecting the aircraft, then load the plan in the flight planner but tell it "no" when it asks if I want it to move the plane to the starting location.


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Drumcode is correct.

I posted the same on LM forums and this was the reply I got from a developer (it's a known P3Dv4.3 issue that will get resolved next update):

" Hello,

There's an issue in the current version that can prevent some flight plans created by third party applications from loading correctly. We'll have this fixed in our next update.

Rob McCarthy "

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