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Flying in the crosswind

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Good morning,

I have a question for the real pilots...

Yesterday I was flying from ENGM to EGCC...over the north sea I found a very strong crosswind at my cruising altitude (34000 ft): >150 kts coming from my 2/3 o'clock.

To mantain my course, the heading has been corrected by the autopilot of >25° to the right.

The aircraft suffered a little turbulence (I do not know if the reason was a combined turbulence or an aerodynamic effect cause by the high difference heading/course).

The question is:

Is there a performace limit for the crosswind in the NGX (that is not an Hurricane explorer)?

What to do in term of SOP when a limit, if it exceeded?

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as long as you are in the air it absolutely doesn't matter how strong the wind is. There is actually something in navigation that is called a wind triangle that you learn to draw during flight school. The outcome is more or less what you've noticed: a track/heading offset of a specific value. The airplane does not experience any cross wind in the air. It always flies with the nose 100% in the wind as long as you don't tap into the rudder. But it gets blown sideways by the wind. Wind is nothing else than moving air and you travel through this air. to get to a navigational fix you will have to fly against that moving air in order to not get blown off course. But you still fly straight on within this moving air.. Your movement relative to the ground is always depending on the wind, that's all about aviation. Of course, fast going winds like jetstreams can easily bring turbulences with them. That's very natural. 

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1 hour ago, Marenostrum said:

150 kts coming from my 2/3 o'clock

given about average 100 xwind & average TAS about 450.

using the 1 in 60 rule ... left drift about 140

but that's the average without "turbulence" etc etc,,,, sounds fine to me, but the lnav may also be adding "great circle" corrections as well.

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