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Hello Gang,

First my apologies if this is old news.

Is there a way for members of the same geographic area to, using AVSIM, to organize local meetings to actually talk face to face, socialize and talk shop? My interest is not just social, but mainly to exchange information, trainings and hands-on, how-to sessions that are hard to do online.  And while I do a fair amount of work online in my profession, I'm also concerned that over reliance on online conversations/training will lead to the deterioration of interpersonal and communications skills (already see that in many of the brilliant but entirely electronic comm. folks).  I know car clubs do this all the time, gather for lunch/dinner, once a month or so, and this has worked great. So there is no reasons for this not to work for us too. 

I live in Orlando, Fla., and folks here are used to driving 1 to 1 1/2 hours to nearby towns for meetings (Tampa, Daytona, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, etc) so this is doable.  We just need to get a forum or our own 'mail-box' where we can exchange this info., and organize. Of course this also applies to any other geographic area of the world where members have the same interest.  And since we are all members of AVSIM there is less of a chance of getting strange types in the mix (i.e., this is not like putting an add in the paper).  Any interest and/or suggestions?

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