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Hello guys.

I need the input of someone smarter than me. What's the best way of making the TOD calculated by pilot2atc match my FMC's?

Usually I fiddle with pilot2atc's descent rate value until both TODs match as close as possible. If I can't make them match exactly or am not in the mood to try different values, I often just request an enroute descent.

Is there a better way? I'd appreciate any advice.

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The trick is to find the correct descent rate for your aircraft.  For most airliners, it will be near 1800 FPM.

This must be set before you File the flight plan.  Changes to planned descent rate in the air are not passed to ATC so they don't affect the point at which you will get the descent, even though they do change the TOD on the map. 

Changes in actual ground speed during the flight vs planned GS are taken into account.  Of course, maintaining your airspeed during the descent is important.  Once you start down, if you speed up, you will cover more ground than expected and end up too high.  Decreasing GS during the descent is a good way to get down faster.

In reality, they don't need to match.  If you can get it close, and maybe a little before the FMC TOD, you should have good flights.


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