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I am considering purchasing your Camera Position X. I'd like to explain what I need,and base my decision on whether this product will do what I hope.

I am running P3dv4.3 on Win. 7 Home. I purchased the HS748 airliner from JF with VC only. The A/P is located between the pilot/co-pilot seat,forcing me to take several steps to change my view from forward to down. A slow and cumbersome process which I'd like to avoid. Can I take a picture of the A/P,and move it up into my view forward, and also OPERATE the A/P functions (buttons) while it's in this view. 

Thanks for your time and I hope to be a customer...

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well, yes, you can do it that way. But I wouldn't recommend it. Opening an additional camera view will always have a significant impact on your FPS. I have just tried it in the HS748 - and you can too: open a new view in addition to the default main view and select the upper panel in it - zoom in until you can only see a couple of instruments. Compare your FPS with that view open and closed. In my case, opening it cuts FPS from 60 down to 40.

I would just add new camera definitions, a Pilot View and an AP View that is looking "comfortably" at the AP panel. Then bind both to hotkeys or add them to the view cycle. That way I can switch from my pilot view to the panel and back. This is possible with P3D custom cameras too (except the hotkeys, that is a feature of CPX).

Best regards

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