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Flight Planning in P3D v4 + Skyforce + ASP4 + voxATC

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Hi everyone, my first post, so would greatly appreciate some advice.  I’m getting in a knot understanding the relationship between my add-ons in respect of flight planning.  I’m lucky enough to have a RW IR and a DA40 with an Aspen and GNS430s so fly the Carenado Bonanza inP3D for the same instrumentation.  I want to create lower airways flightplans and fly them in P3D and that can also be understood by VoxATC.  Am I correct in assuming I should create the IFR flight plan in something like Plan-G and then import it into ASP4?  Or create the flight plan in P3D directly? What is the best given my add-ons?  Yes, I have the weather engine turned off in Skyforce leaving weather to ASP4, but I’d appreciate some clarity on how I set all this up to fly an IFR plan and, hopefully, have actual rw weather en-route.  I’ve tried to digest the user guides and not rush to ask what I should have read first, but I'm afraid the fog is getting thicker..!

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You have to stay with the .PLN format to make it easier.

Use PLanG or Little NavMap to create your flight plan.

Save it in PLN format (not .PLG)

Check that ASP4 option to load flightplan automatically is checked

Load PLN file into P3D and aircraft as you normally do

ASP4 will auto load it.

Go fly - Voxatc should pick it up as a PLN file.



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I spent hours on this yesterday - sometimes you have to load the flightplan into P3D twice because it can ignore the waypoints the first time you load it. When this happens, you think that there is a problem with the flightplan created by the external app but it is just a very old bug in P3D that is still around. I proved that it is a bug by creating a flightplan inside P3D with waypoints on GPS or VOR, saving and loading it and the waypoints are sometimes still ignored.

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Many thanks Vic and glider1, very much appreciated.  I'm impressed by the Plan-G flight plan loaded into P3D appearing automatically in the HSI background map on the Aspen PFD (when the Aspen is set to GPS1, and the Reality-xp 430 is set to VLOC, not GPS). The flight plan doesn't appear in the 430s, so now to try and get it inserted into the 430W....  

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