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Hello Folks,

I'm not one to come on here and praise any one product individually, but for anyone considering this software, don't hesitate!!!
Ive just purchased it and all I can say is...

My goodness, what a program, kick myself for waiting this long, easy to use and easy to setup.

P.S, I'm not affiliated with them whatsoever, just a very impressed and happy customer.

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Hmmm, well, Chaseplane 😕...I've tried it of course, but it coudn't convince me at all !!!

I'm one of the rare plants in nowadays flight sim universe, who didn't jump on the ChasePlane Hype Train and will never do probably.

Why?  I got accustomed with EZCA v.2 (--> Yes !!!  First it was a pain in the a . .  to become familiar with for a certain time, but it is possible 😉 ).

For those who became mad during their "EZDOK Setting Sessions" and for camera tool beginners in common, I think ChasePlane is the better choice.  Even for those simmers who put emphasis on View-Management --> CP is a way better at that level.

But, on my own experiences and what's most important for my needs regarding camera tools:

  • EZCA 2 offers better effects and a better effects on camera integration in game; with looooooooots of buttons and switches for customization (which can become a pain in the a . .  🤔 )
  • I'm a hardcore TrackIR user and pretty skilled with my customized TrackHat, hence view management is not my priority.
  • EZCA manages and integrates TrackIR better vs. ChasePlane - which is crucial for me.
  • The performance of EZCA 2 ist amazing (I've an aged PC system) - it goes easily on CPU resources.
  • And, according to EZCA developers, they have a new EZCA Version 3 in their pipeline which is close to release allegedly:


 (from:  )

It's supposed to have more effects and a further improved processor.  I'm really looking forward to its release ✌️.


P.S, I'm not affiliated with them whatsoever, just a very impressed and happy customer. too.


Cheers to all, Konrad.

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English is NOT my mother tongue.

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Good insight Konrad,

Had I had EZDOK I doubt I would have tried chaseplane, and I would imagine ezdok has its things it does really well.

We are a spoiled bunch with the options of products we have today to inject into our simulator platforms as to compared to before..... at a price of course, I have no issues with this cost.

I started with MSFS 95 and it was “out of the box is what it was”.


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