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Some thoughs about Prepar3D performance

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Over the last decade the Intel processor development has been mostly about increasing number of cores. The speed and performance of a single core has been more or less the same

over the period (around 4Ghz) .


This trend is likely to be continued over the next decade as well.


What does this mean for the Prepar3D performance and the need for upgrading our motherboards and new CPUs?

As long as Prepar3D is 80% based on the speed and performance of a single CPU core, we will not see any dramatic performance leap in Prepar3D.


I believe that it is more or less just throwing out money to upgrade from an i7 6700K to the newest i9 9900K and even newer once in the future.


The only way we can hope for a big performance increase in Prepar3D is that LM develop a brand new multi-thread system and implement a new grapich engine.


Hopefully we will see this move from LM in 2019-2020.




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Roar Kristensen    www.flightsim4fun.com

P3Dv4 with Opencockpits hardware controlled by OC4BAv4 for immersive PMDG B737/777/747 flying

XPLANE 11 with Opencockpits hardware controlled by OC4BA_XP for immersive  B737 flying

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Intel still is big on single threaded performance on their lower cores higher clock speed K designation CPUs. But have pursued more core designs on their flagship workstations/ultra high end consumer extreme editions.

You will see a decent enough upgrade from a 6000 series to the 9000 in single threaded benchmarking. But it's up the end user and their budget if those gains albeit not big gains are worth it to them.


P3Ds code is recent years does indeed take much more advantage of multi cores than the original ESP code ever did so we can at least thank them for that. But certaintly not no where near the cutting edge new "shootong" games on PC.


AMD is also back now with a presence not seen since the FX days of the early to mid 00s. Their Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs are spectacular. In some areas actually exceed Intel in value, the flagship Threadrippers in multi threading beat the extreme editions Intels now and their single core perf is ever so slightly less than the latest single threaded optimized K series Intels. But make no mistake for single threaded performance a flagship K series Intel is still king in this dept.

Used Intels all my life. Just last year switched to AMD Threadripper with SLI 1080s and now RTX's. My development performance but also sim experience has never been better.

In the end the consumers are the winners of this renewed AMD/Intel competition pushing each other to make the fastest CPUs available from budget to high end.

It's now in LM's court to take full advantage of the newest multicore technology. And hopefully latest GPU technology as well.

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Until LM decide to make the investment to totally redo the rendering engine in P3D, we may as well accept reality and make do with what they have provided to date..

It is like folks who have purchased a high performance automobile and are driving on a highway with 55 mph speed limits..  It is what it is  :cool:

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