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GTX1060 Help needed

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Hi, can anyone suggest what might be going on with my GPU?

I have a GTX1060 that until tonight has been functioning just fine. Now when I run P3Dv4 with even the most basic scenery and the R22 the GPU utilization jumps immediately to 100% and stays there. Yesterday was fine nothing new installed but today its jerky and unflyable. I have deleted the shaders directory and prepar3d.cfg and rebooted but no change. My current Nvidia driver is which I  didn't want to get into messing with at this stage.

Can anyone suggest what to try next?


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13 minutes ago, Barry Wells said:

Hi, can anyone suggest what might be going on with my GPU's.

Starting and running P3D the sim defaults to my GTX1060 (GPU1) and runs just fine. If I leave it to itself while I grab something to eat for an hour, when I come back I find it is very jerky. Task Manager now shows my Intel GPU 0 is taking the brunt of the load at about 90% and my GTX1060 is just ticking over at about 20% load.


I always disable the CPU intel video card in the bios, it ensures the OS only use the correct GPU and also save a couple of Celsius degrees on the CPU while Over Clocking.



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Thanks for the prompt reply Simbol but my problem has changed  somewhat so I have posted a new request.

However your suggestion is something I will adopt once I have things running normally again.




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Fixed by a backup copy I had saved of Prepar3d.cfg.  😊

No idea what setting or settings were to blame. When I have time I will work through the good and the bad and try to find out the cause!! 😐

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Barry - look for a program called WinMerge - it's freeware.  Rename the currently restored p3d.cfg and let p3d build a new one. Run p3d to see if he problem is back.  

Then - use winmerge to compare both cfg's - should give you a good idea what is causing the issue.

Switch back to the working one when done.


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