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LOWI in P3d and XP11

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LOWI is such a great airport to fly in and out of in both sims.  I have visited Innsbruck on the ground in real life many times, it is a great city.  I most recently stayed in the hotel Weisses Kreuz there, an old hotel in the heart of the old town, where Mozart stayed, a lovely place.  I could look down from my room onto the pedestrian zone, full of life.  I walked down from the Innsbruck zoo with a military woman I had met, and I took her on a tour of the town.  We stayed together and traveled by train to Munich the next day, where I treated her to a beer at the Hofbrauhaus.  Then we went together into the Rheingau area so she could be reunited with her husband on her military base.  I had hurt my knee on the train ride and she invited me to overnight at the base and get medical attention by the base doctor, but I decided to hunker down in a Rheingau hotel and just bear the pain until my knew slowly got better.  It has not bothered me since in almost thirty years since I hurt it, letting it heal naturally was the best thing.  I have never flown into LOWI in real life but I have passed and seen the airport from the ground.  I have flown out of Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt and Vienna in the German speaking region of Europe, among other airports in Europe I have flown in and out of.


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