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  1. I just tried a landing without FSiPanel. No rumble, so it seems FSiPanel is the culprit. (reported it to FSPanel folks)
  2. Hi there, anyone else have this rumbling sound on landing around threshold height? It is really distracting, I uninstalled FS realistic and reinstalled the Fenix. I'm not 100% sure, I think it was gone for a few landings, but now it's back. Any Ideas? -Roland
  3. At this point for me, I can only shelve XP12. I am on a 4 k monitor and the AA is horrible, even maxed out (slideshow then) As for the (not directed at me though) "why do you come here if XP is not for you" comments I can only guess their motivation is similar than mine.(personal opinion here:) Before MSFS, XP was the best, most modern sim with a very! real feeling of flight and weight of the a/c. MSFS raised the bar in terms of visuals too far out of reach for XP atm. BUT, I find the "feeling" of flight and weight of the a/c in MSFS lacking and a bit "off", and detracting from the experience. That and to lesser extent the not quite sharp textures. But XP12 releasing a final version with way worse AA than XP 11, stuttering and low fps leaves me deflated. So while I really want to love XP 12 like I did XP 11, it's not happening atm and using XP11 now is taking a giant leap backwards also. We will see what time will bring.
  4. turning off 3d vegetation gained me a nice performance gain and less stutters. This is with simheaven and ortho on a 4k monitor.
  5. yes! That was the problem, thanks a bunch. I missed the update of fsrealistic on monday: Fixes Memory leak when FSRealistic is started before MSFS MSFS freezes when running activity flights No control on some aircaft when FSRealistic is running Tail draggers tend to flip due to wind ambience / propwash effects FSRealistc not exiting when MSFS closes (added a new settings)
  6. hi there, does anyone know how to resolve a weird problem i'm having atm? Suddenly my pitch inputs do almost nothing, while the yoke (pmdg 738) in the VC moves correctly with my physical yoke. This also happens with the Fenix a320, full pitch up or down does almost nothing. Roll axis works like normal. In the control settings all looks normal too, with full motions. I didn't change anything in the sim.. -Roland edit: elevator shows normal movements in outside view, it just doesnt do anything.
  7. Hi there, is there a way to stop the double callouts of altitudes upon landing. In the TBM I have the g1000 callouts, like minimum etc, but then also the airline style callouts. I guess that's maybe from another plugin? Only relevant plugins I have are x-camera and XP realistic Could it be XP realistic? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Chart, plotter, lines, vfr notam brief. 🤪 old school navplan. Very satisfying when it matches up when you fly it.
  9. No offense intended, but why do people feel the immense urge to give meaningless, totally not useful replies? OP: ask for users 1 st reply starts with: I dont own it but..
  10. Yes. The aerosoft textures for instance look better imho
  11. Still no luck hm? Do you exclude xp directory in virus scanner? tg install as admin, run xp as admin. Else try and temporary remove rest of plugins and see if that does anything? frustrating stuff
  12. Yes mine is working now.(on xp 11.40 even) Have you updated xp as stated in the manual of TG? maybe manually install/repair vc redist 2013 etc. hope you get it resolved quickly, its a nice, no hassle, addon
  13. xp wont even run at my end, ctd before menu. edit: in my case it was a corrupt airspace txt file I added before installing TG.
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