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  1. Out of EDDL (ixeg) Push SID (landing lights on zibo are better imho)
  2. no, I'm saying the intended software (p3d)is not good enough 😉
  3. Do you have a lot of transferable addons? If not: (imvho) don't wast money on P3D Vx.xx. This is what you wille be buying: low fps, chunky camera movements and OOMS! (bonus: stutters, slow loading textures, same bland looking enviroment)
  4. sparkie66

    New GeForce RTX DLSS AA and P3D

    Lol, these topics are funny....psst...the software is the is old. 🤣
  5. Im confused, isnt the rxp product basically just the interface with datarefs to control the AP end show plane on the map? The actual underlaying product is free from garmin (and outdated navdata). Bit hefty for 50 bucks then maybe? imho They advertise it as if they made the whole unit, while it's 99% garmin trainer.
  6. sparkie66

    P3D v4 worth the investment in my case?

    Well, there are at least 410 reasons not to switch from an updated fsx, to an updated version of an updated fsx. one scan of topics is p3d forum yields a lot of “i have some sort of performance issue” headlines. Imho each subforum defends its own software. I think you better compare other versions and platforms on youtube or something like that. If v3 tuns fine for you, id stick with that. V4 doenst bring the wow factor imho, it still looks basically the same as a addon laden fsx. (I have put more that € 1000,00 into it And upgraded to the latest and greatest pc hardware and in the end still dumped the whole platform) i have been flying since i was 13 and living for 43 years. The world just doesnt look like it does in p3d in my experience. ( thank god) not to mention the repeated version upgrade hassle and cost. Again, for 410€, please go look elsewhere for information and decide based on your own experiences, not someplace where maybe no or little criticism towards the involved platform is given. Its your money, not somebody else’s. -roland
  7. 182 views and no one replies? 👍 No one dares to comment or what? To answer your question: from what I can tell plus being pragmatic, I guess there will probably be updates, but they come out the speed at which a glacier moves. Still, in the current state its still possibly the best addon flightmodel wise, really top addons in general are few and far between imho in xp unfortunately.
  8. nice, the pilot is really small btw lol
  9. sparkie66

    Regarding the TFDi 717...

    Are you sure you are married?
  10. Superlatives modes always gey my attention
  11. sparkie66

    FSL A320 update coming next few days

    Lol. I kind of lost interest in simming 3 or 4 months ago, but it's nice to lurk the forums to see nothing has changed ;)
  12. 757v2 is well done, but brown cockpit. imho ixeg has the best looking cockpit, but not officially for xp11, and not finished + updates take years to get released. zibo is very nice but also cockpit textures not so much imho
  13. sparkie66

    P3D4.1 Huge and intermittent drop of fps

    try scanning your system with malware bytes and roguekiller, see if something comes up.
  14. Dudes. Leave this sort of ad hominum stuff for face to face meetings, if at all. The rob ainscoughs of this world are people, just like you. Breathe.