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  1. nice, the pilot is really small btw lol
  2. sparkie66

    Regarding the TFDi 717...

    Are you sure you are married?
  3. Superlatives modes always gey my attention
  4. sparkie66

    FSL A320 update coming next few days

    Lol. I kind of lost interest in simming 3 or 4 months ago, but it's nice to lurk the forums to see nothing has changed ;)
  5. 757v2 is well done, but brown cockpit. imho ixeg has the best looking cockpit, but not officially for xp11, and not finished + updates take years to get released. zibo is very nice but also cockpit textures not so much imho
  6. sparkie66

    P3D4.1 Huge and intermittent drop of fps

    try scanning your system with malware bytes and roguekiller, see if something comes up.
  7. Dudes. Leave this sort of ad hominum stuff for face to face meetings, if at all. The rob ainscoughs of this world are people, just like you. Breathe.
  8. sparkie66

    P3D v4 vs 4.1 Performance Question

    3.5 was much smoother for me. After upgrading to a gtx 1080ti (4790k), reinstalling w10, p3d, much tweaking, going back to 1080p from 4k, I finally found a definitive solution, for now at least. I completely removed p3d and all addons. No cfg tweaks, no stutters, no FFTF, no AM worries. Lovely. We'll see what coming years bring. It is possible to have a smooth flightsim, I know this because DCS A-10C is pegged at my refresh rate of 60 @4k all the time, even with my lowly 980ti that I used before the 1080ti. Hope you get it sorted out though.
  9. Also it seems to get rid of the weird light cockpit in dusk/dawn situations.
  10. holy [word not allowed]! Thanks for the heads up. I stayed away from reshade etc for a while, but this is insanely better than default.
  11. Probably old news, but the xbox360 controller + chaseplane is a hell of a combination. Really sweet way of panning and zooming around the aircraft or airport.
  12. sparkie66

    FSLabs A320 or upcoming AS A320 for v4?

    Hi Neil, yes I tried 1080. Once you see it in 4k though, it's hard to go back, plus performance with the AA I had to apply wasnt really better. Let's get back on track, I dont want to hyjack the thread, just wanted to give a different view / caution for people with limited systems. They may be better off with the AS 320 (performance wise), though I'm sure FSL will improve performance. I'm all for the FSL myself, when performance gets acceptable. I was a boeing guy but switched to airbus completely when the fsl came out ;) -roland
  13. sparkie66

    FSLabs A320 or upcoming AS A320 for v4?

    1080 was the same because you need a fair bit of aa. It was better in p3d 3.5 with my 980ti and 4k @ 30hz. Look, im glad it is working for you. But not for all (see fslabs forum). And some people make buy / no buy decisions based on these forums, so i thought to put in my experience. At least on my end it isnt my system. I tried everything. Current system is the 1080ti and i started with my 1080 monitor expecting it would be was not for me at least. Its just never remotely smooth. Whrre i can blast all external lights on at as eddf at night and fps remains pegged 30(vsync) with the ngx Lowerish fps ok. Stutters, not ok. None of this is a sneer towards you btw, im just not very happy with the fsl a320 atm, considering my setup. I remain hopeful they will optimize the bus though. Just a heads up with some info for potential buyers
  14. sparkie66

    FSLabs A320 or upcoming AS A320 for v4?