TomatoShade is Not Working in P3DV4.4

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Can anyone check if the Tomotashade works in V4.4, seems not working. And I can't apply any preset.


P3D folder found
P3D shader cache folder found
  Backup found for PostProcess\HDR.hlsl - skipping copy
  Backup found for GPUTerrain.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for GPUTerrain.fxh - skipping copy
  Backup found for General.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for FuncLibrary.fxh - skipping copy
  Backup found for Cloud.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for ParticleDraw.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for Shadow.fxh - skipping copy
  Backup found for Stars.fx - skipping copy
  Backup found for PrecipParticle.fx - skipping copy
Shader backups created
  Shader integrity valid for PostProcess\HDR.hlsl
  Shader integrity invalid for GPUTerrain.fx
  Shader integrity valid for GPUTerrain.fxh
  Shader integrity invalid for General.fx
  Shader integrity invalid for FuncLibrary.fxh

  Shader integrity valid for Cloud.fx
  Shader integrity invalid for ParticleDraw.fx
  Shader integrity valid for Shadow.fxh
  Shader integrity valid for Stars.fx
  Shader integrity valid for PrecipParticle.fx
Shader integrity tested

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Correct waiting for an update this upcoming week 😉

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It has not yet been updated to work with P3Dv4.4.

The developer is away but we should see basic compatibility sometime this week while larger feature upgrades will come soon after.

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I'll be interested to see how this works with 4.4's PBR, given TS main point is to replicate that.

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Tomato-Shade v27 has been released with P3Dv4.4 compatibility.

Directly from the developer:

"The compatibility update for TomatoShade is live - navigate to the "General->Check for new Version" tab and press "Check for Updates" to receive it. Apply your shader preset as usual, aircraft profiles don't need to get applied again.

This is only a compatibility update to restore the functionally of TS within version 4.4. Please note, due to some internal changes LM did with the new version, reflections might be too shiny or too diffuse. I tried to compensate that with adjusted internal parameters, but not with 100% success. I will have to live with the new limitations and have to think about a work-around for these.

Note that the reflection maker didn't receive an update. Models compiled with the latest 4.4 SDK have a new format and the reflection maker isn't compatible with the new format. I need to analyze it first and think about if I really want to add support for them.

After this intermediate update, I will analyze the new stuff more in depth and see if there are some nice possible additions."

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