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  1. Here you go: https://www.simbrief.com/system/dispatch.php?sharefleet=21663_1652685144312 Copied from FenixSim Discord Channel.
  2. You need to enable 'Developer Mode'. It's available in the Settings (General) menu, under it's own heading. Once enabled, you'll notice a tool bar available at the top. Click on 'Windows' and then 'Aircraft Selector'. It's the only way I've found where you can change the aircraft while already in a session without having to go back to the main menu. In your case, I'd suggest just selecting a different aircraft and then selecting your original aircraft again to see the changes. Hope that works.
  3. The sim has this built-in but you need to enable 'Developer Mode'. It's available in the Settings (General) menu, under it's own heading. Once enabled, you'll notice a tool bar available at the top. Click on 'Options' and then under 'Rendering' you'll see an option to 'Display FPS'.
  4. While it is up to the developer of ChasePlane to confirm plans toward supporting MSFS, I sure hope an iteration of the product does become available as I'm not too fond of the built-in system.
  5. There's also 'Self Loading Cargo' (very similar to FSPax, only better in every single way for my needs) which is already compatible with FS9/X, P3D and X-Plane so I would assume that the natural progression would be to support MSFS fairly soon.
  6. I enjoy flying GA in the real world but I mostly avoided it in sim (unless a bunch of friends decided to fly too). However, with the new sim, I think I'll make it a point to do a lot more GA until the big boys start releasing the airliners. Assuming the airliners will take quite a while to be truly native to the new sim, I have my GA sightseeing / educational tour ready, thanks to FlightLoc.
  7. It does and to future proof yourself, especially considering that the addon market for the sim may become quite prominent, you'd want to invest in a fairly powerful CPU. Source: Self (Alpha tester)
  8. Having seen some PC3 gameplay on YouTube, this is a great deal to stick to the proper Project Cars titles. Many thanks for the notification.
  9. Only quoting a portion of your response as I don't want to extend the length of my post. Thank you for responding and providing information for my query. It's appreciated that you've provided the option to configure the overall brightness. Angled illumination will be very interesting as that's further towards simulating the real world counterparts. I look forward to reading more about your product before making an informed decision.
  10. The video certainly helps identify the usability of the software. One question, the strobes seem to illuminate a majority of the fuselage in your video. Focusing on one airplane makes it easier to notice. I focused on the aircraft directly below the UI. Is this is a limitation of the underlying platform?
  11. Downloaded, installed, activated and options set to my liking. Unfortunately, it's too late in my timezone to give it a go right now.
  12. I'm afraid you might have misunderstood. It seems like an all new executable. Excerpt from their dedicated page: "We hope to have this Open Beta ready to start in the next 24 hours. ASP4 licensees may participate in the OPEN BETA, which will be available for download momentarily from our downloads page. When posted, please download, install, run, and use the “New User? Register for an account!” link on the login page to create your ASP3D account using your ASP4 license key and order ID. "
  13. I have the 525A working just fine in v5. Downloaded the latest installer (v1.1) from their website and then applied the v5 patch linked above and also available on their website. No issues. Sure you're on the most recent version of the installer? If it's a VC texture then it must be a part of the 'Texture.Common' folder in your SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado 525A Citation CJ2. I have 79 items in there, you?
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