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  1. krazyk

    Lorby Flashlight released

    Freaky how just last week I was in XP11 using the built-in flashlight feature and wondered whether something like that for P3D would ever come around. The night exterior checks are going to be a breeze now, thanks!
  2. krazyk

    Airbus A-220

    There is one being developed for FSX by a new developer called WhiskeyJet Simulations. From the pictures and videos, it seems like it will have a decent enough system depth. However, at the moment it is purely being made for FSX. The developer has already been inundated with several requests to also bring it out for P3D but nobody has yet received a confirmation that it will be coming to any other platform. Let's hope they can bring it to P3D. Photos & Video: Facebook page here Photos only: FSDeveloper page here
  3. krazyk

    PFPX V2

  4. krazyk

    PFPX V2

    Posted on the PFPX forum. Get it here.
  5. krazyk

    PFPX V2

    There is no official changelog to v2 or the hotfix v2.01 but here are some of the things I found updated/new: 1. The user interface has been updated 2. Performance has improved considerably (especially using auto-routing, alternate aerodromes planning, weather parsing) 3. Weather reports have been improved and now have a timeline to them aiding a user to see exactly when something noteworthy is expected to happen for the chosen airfields (things like Fog, Haze, reduction in visibility, etc - all have a color-coded highlight to them making it very simple to refer to a METAR/TAF and then getting an accurate timeline on when it is predicted for that particular condition to become active). Excellent for the hit & run pilots among us that just want to get a flight plan done within minutes. 4. NOTAMs have received a similar 'smart' function where it seems to read what it says and then tag it as such. For example, a NOTAM about a particular taxiway being closed will be tagged with a 'Taxiway' label. Similarly for obstacles in the form of construction at or around the fields in your flight plan will be marked as 'Obstacles', Runway changes would be tagged 'Runway', Unavailable parking would be tagged as 'Parking' and so on. You understand what I mean. Not necessary but highly effective in cutting down on reading time for the end user with such visual cues. 5. There's a new 'Company Information' tab I hope can also be integrated into the VA connection within PFPX. Presently, you can create your own Company NOTAMs if you like to fly a specific company often and if you're aware of certain NOTAMs they issue to their line pilots. Otherwise, this could say just about anything as you control what data is fed to the tab via self-created NOTAMs. 6. Flight vertical profile chart has been added with heaps of data embedded within. Items such as winds, turbulence, obstacles, Grid MORAs, expected en route times, alternate airfields (think ETPs or ETOPs range circles allowing you to know exactly until when a certain airfield is a viable enroute alternate, etc). One thing I do miss seeing in it is the Tropopause height but I suspect that will come through in one of the hotfixes/updates pretty soon. 7. The Map has been updated by quite a margin. You can now load terrain data and see exactly what areas during the critical phases of the flight need a bit more planning on. While the map already displayed FIR/UIR information from v1, v2 brings in prohibited/restricted/danger/training areas that allow you to hover your mouse above them for detailed information on altitude constraints, restrictions, activity type, etc. It can also show you AIRMETs/SIGMETs and airport weather trends. 8. There's a new 'Route Restrictions' tab in the Route Validation section showing you exactly what restrictions are in effect for your flight, both routes, as well as altitudes, are covered here. 9. There's a new feature called 'Aircraft Performance Monitoring' tool which you can access via your aircraft list. This will allow PFPX and you to monitor the fuel and drag bias on each type/registration, making active changes to its own calculation in future uses of that frame/type while letting you know exactly how big the discrepancy on each add-on aircraft you add to the program is. It even allows you to choose what to base those calculations on. End result: More precise and accurate numbers for you and the program calculations for future sectors. 10. A new 'Destination Area' chart that zooms in at your destination field and shows you the filed arrival into the intended field while also displaying alternates and the routing you'll be taking to fly there should the need arise. Great for situational awareness. 11. The 'Messages' tab after you've compiled your flight will tell you exactly what kind of restricted/danger/training areas you will be transiting through which coupled with the NOTAMs improves your awareness and expectations for rerouting from ATC should it be necessary. The rest, generally, seems to be the same. Not that it is a complaint of any kind, most of it didn't need any changing anyway. I suspect I will come across a few more items that have had some kind of work done to them but they'll likely only be visible when I dive into the deeper functions of PFPX and it can get pretty deep. When I'm in the mood, I could spend upwards of 30 minutes of planning and controlling almost every aspect of the flight plan. It's where PFPX excels anyway so why not take advantage of it? Disclaimer: The above changes are just the things I've noticed and I'm in no way affiliated with the software developer or the publisher. I am also not a real-world flight planner so please excuse any errors above. Hope this helped!
  6. krazyk

    PFPX V2

    Sorry to hear you're not having an ideal experience with v2. I updated to v2 as soon as it came out and along with others, I couldn't be happier. The previous v1 was levels above anything else already and v2 has added a few extra things I am thoroughly enjoying. Add me to the happy camper list like the rest. Maybe outline some of the 'bugs' you've encountered to the developer or here for that matter and maybe us satisfied users could help sort it out for you. Apart from the 'weight' bug (it will not honor the changes a user makes to the default average weight of each passenger), I haven't come across anything else. I've compared some of the flight plans executed by PFPX with real world plans and the results have almost always been astonishingly similar. The largest discrepency for me has been a few minutes +/- in flight time, +/- 300kgs in fuel burn and +/- 400 kgs in estimated alternate fuel burn. Considering PFPX costs and works on a fraction of the data real world planners work with, I call that a resounding success for the program and have yet to find anything else that matches its fidelity, fluidity & general wealth of data and since my experience has always been very positive with the software (if worked with correctly), I would love for you to expand on why you feel it is unusable.
  7. krazyk

    TomatoShade is Not Working in P3DV4.4

    Tomato-Shade v27 has been released with P3Dv4.4 compatibility. Directly from the developer: "The compatibility update for TomatoShade is live - navigate to the "General->Check for new Version" tab and press "Check for Updates" to receive it. Apply your shader preset as usual, aircraft profiles don't need to get applied again. This is only a compatibility update to restore the functionally of TS within version 4.4. Please note, due to some internal changes LM did with the new version, reflections might be too shiny or too diffuse. I tried to compensate that with adjusted internal parameters, but not with 100% success. I will have to live with the new limitations and have to think about a work-around for these. Note that the reflection maker didn't receive an update. Models compiled with the latest 4.4 SDK have a new format and the reflection maker isn't compatible with the new format. I need to analyze it first and think about if I really want to add support for them. After this intermediate update, I will analyze the new stuff more in depth and see if there are some nice possible additions."
  8. krazyk

    TomatoShade is Not Working in P3DV4.4

    It has not yet been updated to work with P3Dv4.4. The developer is away but we should see basic compatibility sometime this week while larger feature upgrades will come soon after.
  9. If the motherboard changes, you've got to reactivate Windows. That was the case with the OS before W10 but now, if you have the system tied to your MS account, you could easily reactivate your new hardware without going through much fuss (as long as your current system has been tied to your MS account). Follow the steps mentioned here so your current system is registered properly before a hardware swap:
  10. krazyk

    Importing FPLs into Dash-8

    I presume this is an exaggeration as feeding a route into the Q400 is frankly quite easy. A few mouse clicks and you're there. Type in the departure airport (SID, if you're using/been assigned one). From there on it's a simple case of clicking on 'List', then 'Airways' and selecting the appropriate airway/endpoint until you're ready to type in your destination field. Even if you push the endurance of the aircraft to its maximum, you can still finish inputting the entire route in under 5 minutes. Surely you haven't been typing each and every waypoint (without considering you could feed in airways) and that's why it's taking you so long? Similarly, if you go through the product manual, you'll see that the Majestic Q400 simulates the tiller axis separately from the rudder axis so you'd have to use the tiller controls on the captain's side to turn the airplane on the ground (assuming you've already flipped the switch for nosewheel steering correctly after pushback). FSUIPC could assist you in assigning the tiller to a function on your hardware or if you only have access to a single rotating axis (used for rudder usually), you could edit the 'mjc84.ini' file found in 'Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\ini' folder. The variable you're looking for is 'PEDALS_STEERING_EFFECTIVENESS='. Adjusting that to anywhere between 4 and 6 will allow you to control the steering on the ground with relative ease. Do keep in mind that you need to have the 'STEERING CONTROL MODE' found in the MJC8 Q400 Control Panel app set to 'Ailerons+Mouse'. From there on, the rudder axis on your joystick will control ground steering as well and if you're still running short of control authority, you could use the aileron axis on your joystick to get a pronounced response from the nosewheel.
  11. krazyk

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    You might have some other issue. Just tried it and all is working just fine here, as is the QW 787.
  12. krazyk

    Tomatoshade v25, Reflection maker Problem

    Sure, I'm still on v24 myself for the same reason. Here you go:!jZNA3KLD!rH0uJmcc_HJC2cCXDENAE67AooHdLZqfl6EiSbMnn0Y
  13. krazyk

    Tomatoshade v25, Reflection maker Problem

    There were some changes made to the reflection process in v25 which is why you're seeing these errors. The developers of those profiles will likely need to update their work to be fully compatible with v25 and beyond. Until they do and you're satisfied with the new profiles, I would suggest you go back to v24 and continue using the current profiles. Do keep in mind that if you come across some profile made for v25 (for example the QW BAE profiles), they will not work with v24 so either message those developers and request they supplement it with a v24 specific profile or wait until the rest of the incompatible profiles are updated to v25 standard. As far as I am aware, the developer of TomatoShade is only available on Discord.
  14. krazyk

    747-8/F Rain Maker

    Discord usually. The developer likes to maintain his privacy so he's only active when he's ready to announce a new version of TomatoShade. You can reach out to him but that again is also only possible via Discord.
  15. krazyk

    747-8/F Rain Maker

    Direct from the developer of TomatoShade: "Now to a big new feature of the new version - the refractive rain drops: this addition lays on top of the wind shield effects the aircraft itself produces. It does not create raindrops itself. To be able to see this feature, you need to have a profile for the VC applied, which has this feature activated. At the moment, only the FSLabs A319 profiles are up to date, the PMDG 747-8 VC is for an older version of the -8. You can still use it, however the profile is not complete yet. The refractive rain works with FSLabs rain effects, PMDG Rainmaker, TrueGlass and A2A's rain effect with the Bonanza."