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  1. Downloaded, installed, activated and options set to my liking. Unfortunately, it's too late in my timezone to give it a go right now.
  2. I'm afraid you might have misunderstood. It seems like an all new executable. Excerpt from their dedicated page: "We hope to have this Open Beta ready to start in the next 24 hours. ASP4 licensees may participate in the OPEN BETA, which will be available for download momentarily from our downloads page. When posted, please download, install, run, and use the “New User? Register for an account!” link on the login page to create your ASP3D account using your ASP4 license key and order ID. "
  3. I have the 525A working just fine in v5. Downloaded the latest installer (v1.1) from their website and then applied the v5 patch linked above and also available on their website. No issues. Sure you're on the most recent version of the installer? If it's a VC texture then it must be a part of the 'Texture.Common' folder in your SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado 525A Citation CJ2. I have 79 items in there, you?
  4. This is some of the best news I've heard so far, this year. I don't generally do 'Day 1' purchases but I don't think I will be able to restrict myself once this shows up in the marketplace. Reading that the CTD bug with the B717 is fixed, I am excited to purchase it to offer my support for the dev team, once it's released for P3Dv5. Thank you, TFDi!
  5. I think you've misunderstood what I said. There are currently no issues flying the MJC Q400, Leonardo Softhouse MD80 series or the Aerosoft Airbus in P3D yet all 3 of them offer shared-cockpit functionality to various degrees and all three of their real counterparts require a minimum 2 man crew. Does that make them unusable in the sim if you don't have a crew member? No. Standardizing it and making it part of the base sim means the user doesn't get 3 different versions (specifically in the above scenario) of shared-cockpit functionality. In addition, some of the most well known developers in the community will be able to implement this base functionality without jumping through hoops as they do currently or making excuses for not doing it. It makes it easier on them to implement it and more immersive for us as customers without going through the arduous process of setting everything up 1:1. Win-win.
  6. I'd like to see if they are truly going about the sim in a way that almost nobody else has till date - having a proper crew to fly aircraft that demand it i.e, shared cockpit. On the very few occassions where I've been fortunate enough to have a friend in the pit alongside me in an addon that fully supports it, you soon forget that the scenery isn't all that great or the AI is all over the place or the METAR said something else. Having someone in the aircraft with you, interacting with it in real time while you can see them doing it, that's immersion. Have the feature natively so lazy developers don't have an excuse to not do it for their product. The above in VR would be a dream come true.
  7. D'oh! What a silly mistake. Thank you for correcting me and thank you for the exhaustive explanation of each item. Learned quite a few things from your response.
  8. Not familiar with LIDO or BAW FP but I'll take a stab at it: 52.1 ZFW (Revised ZFW after receiving final load sheet here) 0835 ATA (Actual Time of Arrival here) TNKS (Fuel remaining in tanks here) 57.0 TOW (Revised take off weight if ZFW revised here) 0725 ATD (Actual time of Departure here) USED (Fuel used here) 55.3 LAW (Landing Weight) 0110 TOT (Time on Target here) LEFT (Fuel remaining here) 11.3 PL (Revised payload here) HOLD W A (ATC Flight Plan Change) ACH FL (Flight level during hold) TRIM (Stabilizer trim setting) MIN COST VAR SPD FP (Minimum Cost Variable Speed Flight Plan) TUF/ LFOT (IATA/ICAO Alternate airport) FL230 (Flown at FL230) M18 (Wind component, tailwind in your case so -18) 192NM (Distance to planned alternate) PLAN REM - Estimated fuel quantity at arrival TOT RES - Total Reserve Fuel (Alternate + Reserves) TTLT (Total Time) - Total flight time or 'block time' TRM - Initial Magnetic Track when leaving waypoint REQ - Estimated fuel on board over waypoint TIM - Flying time from last waypoint Hope this helps.
  9. I'll agree with you to an extent but what I was thinking about when writing my earlier post was basically the FSL addon and how it manages to make the aircraft seem alive, not to mention the deep integrations with other products such as GSX, ACARS networks, online networks, etc. When I fly the FSL, I can almost lead myself to believe that I'm actually flying the real thing, even though I went with Boeings as my training route in the real world. It's partially why I believe FSL are clearly ahead of the game when it comes to innovation, something that used to be synonymous with PMDG addons once upon a time. While the PMDG Boeings do tend to feel sterile, I don't think it is an inherent feature of the product they are trying to simulate. Can you imagine how much more immersive the NGX would be if their sound engine was like FSL or if they had complete GSX integration or if any PMDG product had environmental effects like FSL does? Anyway, let me not deviate from the subject of the thread anymore.
  10. The NGX packages are no longer visible on their site so I'm unsure how much they cost for P3Dv4 but I'm guessing the base package was around the same price as what they've quoted for the FS2020 version. This update for the base package is $100. Assuming the previous base package was around $140, are the updates in this new release really worth paying around 70% of the original cost again to use on the same platform? From what I read about the NG3, it is also being built on the NGX code so how much of the NG3 will be recycled from the NGX for FS2020 and is that why they are willing to offer you credit towards your FS2020 purchase? If so, why is the base pricing still so high for something that is clearly being branded as an entertainment platform by Microsoft? I understand that part of the investment today will be realised when the FS2020 version of the product comes out but for a company that likes to project itself as very business aware, this is a highly demanding ask of their customers to blindly put faith in a product that has yet to be released for a platform that we know very little about. PMDG might have additional information but I, as a consumer, don't. PMDG makes some great products, sure, but they have long since been dethroned by better developers like Majestic Simulations, Flight Sim Labs and Leonardo Simulations, to name a few. These other developers operate under the same 'high end developer' umbrella but manage to serve the community with a far more immersive experience, something PMDG is lacking severely. In my opinion, PMDG is not worth the cover price anymore when someone like FSL or Majestic offers you so much more immersion. So I am not going to purchase this update marketed as an upgrade at the current price.
  11. If I understand you correctly, you want the aircraft exterior but no panel inside? If so, that should be easily doable. Depending on what kind of aircraft add-on you're trying to achieve this with, the following steps should largely be universal: Browse to your add-on in SimObjects\Airplanes, there should be at least (1) model folder in there. If more, then they'll usually be called model.xx (xx being whatever the developer decided to call that particular variant). Inside this model folder, there should be a file with either a prefix or suffix called 'VC'. For example, the Quality Wings 787-8 folder has a model.RR sub-directory with 3 files inside, one of them is called 'QW788_VC_P3D.mdl'. This is what tells the sim what inside panel to use. In the same folder, there should also be a text file called 'model.txt'. If you open that, you'll see there is one entry for 'normal' and one for 'interior'. The former controls the exterior model, while the latter contains the virtual cockpit or VC. The latter is what you need to change. You could simply remove whatever is after 'interior=' or a safer method (in case you want to go back to the default state) would be to add (2) // as a prefix to 'interior=...'. With that the final look of the entries should look like below: [models] normal=AB123_GE //interior=AB123_VC
  12. You're on the version that does not support HF2. You'll have to update to v31 to get HF2 compatibility. Additionally, I would highly recommend you join the developers Discord server to help stay up to date in the future.
  13. I agree. I wasn't able to tell if the features of this product allow individual AI aircraft to have unique effects. Older aircraft used different materials in their lighting compared to newer more efficient technology. Would we be able to see these in sim? For example, on some of the FZ 737 fleet, their exterior lights still employ the old Halogen style beam design lights while the newer ones come with high quality LED versions. Would the product allow both to be turned on and used in sim at the same time on AI or will it be a 'one effect - set for all' type of a deal?
  14. Yes and yes! If I had to pick unique locations, I'd definitely want to see New Delhi (VIDP) and Kilimanjaro (HTKJ).
  15. Palm rests with scroll wheels and I think a tracking ball. Believe they're called KCCU (Keyboard Cursor Control Unit).
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