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  1. FreeMeshX will cause different ground texture occurring at the same time, sometimes like water above the ground. Please help with this, used FTX Global and vector tools as well.
  2. I did uninstall the Soft Cloud, but seems the cloud texture it had replaced was already there, even uninstall cannot bring back the original. If I had to repair install do I just reinstall the client or the scenery o content.
  3. I installed the Soft Cloud for P3dV4, and find it to impact fps greatly, and I want to go back to use original cloud texture. Do anyone know how to get back to it, there was no backup folder or copies from Soft Cloud program. Thanks.
  4. However, the flight planning route generation tab is still not added so still cannot use the P3DV4's own flight planner.
  5. I'm using Airbus X Extended with EZDOK and the first thing that is disturbing is the mouse button to roll that for EZDOK serves to Zoom, and Airbus serves to set the knobs. Anyone know how to clear this. If I disable the zooming, I can turn the knobs but it is not convenient.
  6. When I tried to install FS Global 2010 to FSX SE, after almost done installation , it shows an error as follows. Please help
  7. fsx-ms

    No But once I delete the old profile, I imported the saved profile and it still cannot be applied. It still shows it being used by FSX 10. Does that mean a new profile need to be created?
  8. I tried to link the profile to my FSX SE and always receive this message "This application executable is already assigned to the following profiles: Microsoft Flight Simulator 10". However, I have uninstalled my FSX Box, and I tried to use any other profiles come with the Nvidia Inspector but still shows the error message. Thanks for help. Nic
  9. I have scrached my head for days for this issue. I instlled both FSX Box and Steam, when running FTX confiurator, it only shows Microsoft FSX, so I uninstalled the FSX Box. Now the FTX Configurator can't find the FSX (Steam only now). I used the FSX registry fix doen't help, and checked the REGEDIT find that there is no more Microsoft Games/FSX, only Dovtail FSX. can somone please help how to fix this issue. Many thanks.
  10. Where is co-existance value, I only see Default without any value in space. Also, there are Simconnect V4 and V6 in that folder
  11. Had the issue with P3DV3.1, however, the 3.2 has the same issue which is the Scenario Starting Page, if you choose yes, the game is closed, if you choose No, the game starts but the Scenario page is also showing in the game. In addition, the setting adjustment does not work. no matter what adjustment to choose, the game don't refresh and load the new setting. Please anyone knows how to fix this. Besides, I don't know how to load a picture to AVSIM, so cannot show you the screenshot. Thanks, Nic
  12. I have the same issue after updating to 777 1c and with the latest FSUIPC, don't know what causes this issue as the radar only shows a small area of weather in the center of the screen. Help is appricated!
  13. I just purchased the Saitek Pro flight yoke and throttle, after plugin, the system works fine for about 10 minutes, then it shut-off. You cannot even find the Yoke in the FSX controller. So restarting FSX it came back but a few minutes it disappeared in the FSX controller again and became no responsive in the FSX. Could anyone help with the issue.
  14. My question is that according to the tweaking guide, you should not have the AA setting in FSX checked, instead yo should use the Nvidia inspector to set the AA. Otherwise, you would be using the same AA from the FSX not the Nvidia one. The problem I'm experience here is that no AA at all after I use the inspector if no AA checked in FSX. Please help if someone also know the solution. My inspector setting worked well before only after upgrading to the most updated 332.21 driver.
  15. Guys, I need help here. I tried cleaning upgrading to the latest nvidia driver last week. I tried a couple different AA settings in Inspector (8xS, 8xSQ, 16xS). I rebooted. Nothing has worked. I duplicated the settings from this thread and when I run FSX, I get no AA. If I turn AA on inside FS, it looks great. If I turn it off inside FS, the drivers don't seem to be overriding FS's selection of "no AA thanks." Don't know what causing this. Even go into the Nvidia controller doesn't override the fsx setting. Please explain to me how I should do.