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  1. nicboyGS

    i7-8700 System Stutter Still, Setting needed

    So I removed the Affinitymask setting and cleared the Pre3dv4.cfg. seems much better in fluidity but the graphic is not that good. I will try other settings hopefully to make it better. So looks like Affinitymask is a big drag on the performance.
  2. Hi I have a a i7-8700 GTX 1070 system, my setting including Affnixmask = 3028 and TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=120 following suggestions from the forum. But I got stutter whenever I look around and some AI aircrfats tend to have black texture and took long time to appear. Can anyone please suggest what's the setting for i7-8700 six cores to get ride of these issues. I'm not an PC expert so not sure about how to figure out which cores/threads to use, please jsut give me a number which you feel it is the best under AM. Thanks a lot.
  3. nicboyGS

    P3Dv4.2 No Right Rudder

    Seems there are issues after issues. Now, both 3rd party aircraft and default aircraft don't have right rudder. Really no clues why only right rudder which assigned to num pad key "Enter". The key is fine when typing in MS Words. I reset all the the controls to default but still no right rudder. Anyone experience this as well.
  4. nicboyGS

    Active Sky P3dV4 Not Working

    I think my case is different, as there are clouds all over the sky but no matter where you change the airports, the clouds are all the same. It is like no weather program injected into the sim.
  5. nicboyGS

    Active Sky P3dV4 Not Working

    I have no idea, I did client and content update, and installed and reinstall ASP4 full download version + beta 6616. The weather is just the same everywhere. Already filed a ticket to Hifi but still waiting for a response.
  6. After updating to its latest beta 6616, the weather is not working as only default weather is showing no matter where the airports are. Have tried to re-install several times but still not seeing any changes. Anyone experiences the same issue?
  7. Hi I'm trying to find out if mesh setting to 1cm will have an impact to the FPS. I have moved my setting from 5cm to 2cm due to using the FS global next 2018. Now I want to move to 1cm, will anyone tried to see a difference in the frame rate. What is the best mesh setting you recommend.
  8. Regardless what you highly value the product, it is not an overhaul at all, it is merely some improvement over REX, in some cases, REX softcloud is more realistic. Still, the SF clouds are old 2D clouds spinning around the aircraft and nothing new about it. In terms of structure, really don't a difference may be more textures but cannot tell what structural changes would be. When calling a revolutionary product, you should at least has something that completely change the game but just don't see right now. Maybe previous REX cloud textures are already very good.
  9. nicboyGS

    Jetline Sims migrated me from P3Dv3 to V4

    The price is also impressive with GTX 1080ti over $3999, I checked the spec don't find why cost so much even with a TI.
  10. right now seems all 1080 are over $600 which was unreasonable. The crepocurrency issus has been long. Why recently so high.
  11. Follow this question, anyone know why currently seems price of GTX 1080 or 1070 has been skyrocket.
  12. Just don't understand, Why gives all the sets but require us to manually pick one and installed in the simulator. In this way, I don't think lot of people would have the time to try and test each of the sets under multiple scenarios . Even they do try testing every sets, can they actually remember which set is better looking than others. Why can't SF work like ASAC to automatically select the textures from all the texture sets in one folder.
  13. you are right, none of those looks realistic enough to the real thing. The so called revolutionary change just does not happen. Maybe still waiting for SF more patches or AS provided next version.
  14. I understand ProATC could be better but seems still a lot of issues, but it is very complicated compare to Default ATC. On the other hand, Default ATC is very easy to instruct one from A to B, Also no SID or STAR Approach, you can pick it up where the route ends to fly your own STAR. I tried several tiems with ProAtc, it often gets discontinued during the flight if for some reason you didn't follow it precisely.
  15. Can Default ATC using the PFPX, otherwise, the route plan is not instructed by ATC and what's the point to use PFPX plan when following the ATC.