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  1. I have tried so many different ways to install the FBW 320NX, no matter which version, stable, development, and experimental, using the auto installer or manual. it will causing CTD error. After removing the FBW A320, the game runs fine. What is the issue, any one knows?
  2. I have a serious issue after installing individual modules, the game would crash after seems finish loading. Tried to full reinstall, same happened. Guess it us incompatible with one of the add-ohs but jus5 can not figure out which one, too many of them! Now have a game cannot play at all as the game would not come out of loading!
  3. Anyone can find the Apple HQ, still not in the city, maybe the map is still old.
  4. What are you so excited about this picture, the color is not right and the sky is too hazy, and the cloud is flat and patterned.
  5. Hi anyone see the white ocean at night in P3DV5.1? is is so strange, what's wrong with it?
  6. Anyone knows why I have no cloud only clear sky, what's the setting issue?
  7. Since active sky is not available, I use the P3DV5 own Truesky, but there is no cloud or weather generation or anything. Why? P3D does not have its won weather engine?
  8. Anyone noticed the frame rate dropped a lot, any way to improve it?
  9. Has the y announced when the world update for USA is coming? are they going to update the high resolution maps for the regions?
  10. Why QW don't use the default B787 model (interior and Exterior) which seems has better presentation of the B787, QW could redo everything about avionics and dynamics which need the rework.
  11. I don't understand PMDG's decisions. They spent lots of time bring out BBJ or Cargo 737, while many are waiting for the 777 to be used in P3DV5, what's their logic then. Do they think people really care that much about a variant of the 737 than an entirely fleet of usable 777 or even 787. It is not really understandable from a customer's point of view. The resource spent on BBJ is not worth than much anticipated 777.
  12. I planed a flight from KSEA/KSFO, but when tried to input in the CDM, it shows no plan data available. Why?
  13. every time is whining about something could be one's own setup. It just becomes the norm of this country to be whining like hell.
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