P3Dv4.4 Issue with A2A New Windshield Rain Updates

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I seem to have found a new issue with the new windshield rain effects updates on A2A aircraft like my C-172 and T-6 when using the latest release of P3Dv4.4. 

When I want to use my virtual mouse cursor in VR it will not penetrate the windshield as it sees it as a cockpit surface. You might ask "why is this a problem?"   Well when I want to interact with a pop up menu like ATC or my GPS they always are set to open just in front of the windshield and because of this it is not possible to interact with the pop up window since the virtual mouse cursor stops at the windshield now. I have confirmed it's an issue with the new feature because my P-51 hasn't been updated and works fine but my T-6 and C-172 have been updated and they will not penetrate and therefore I cannot interact with my pop ups. I know there is a way to enable rain effects and still penetrate the windshield with the mouse cursor in VR because my Aerosoft A320 Pro uses "True Glass" and it allows the mouse cursor to penetrate the windshield and therefore I can interact with my pop ups.

I have posted this on the A2A forum and ask Lewis to advise but I posted it here also as an FYI since I fly frequently in VR and this is a big issue for me now.


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This makes perfect sense because the rain effects are an additional part of the actual model. (See the SDK for them). They are "solid" but transparent.

Interested to see what they say.

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Thank you for reporting this Joe. Lets hope for the best that A2A can do something about it.

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