XPlane 11 Has an "Auto" Rudder Function

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Plane 11 Has an “Auto” Rudder Function!


Why is this important?:...if you, like me, have trouble getting prop planes to take off straight down the runway instead of veering left, then this might help… 

How does it work?:simply turn off all rudder control on your controller…might not also hurt to turn off any keyboard rudder settings…if you do this, XP will attempt to control the rudder for you…It’s not perfect, but it helps a bunch on the takeoff issue…the downside is you forfeit manual rudder control…not a big loss for me as I never could get any effective rudder control with my controller anyway…I use a Xbox controller...old school... 

Source of Information:…XP technical support 12/16

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This is useful sometimes when lacking pedals or when my twist axis of my joystick sometimes go crazy. My problem with this feature is when with lot of takeoff crosswind the autorudder function also uses aileron and my plane banks on ground worsening the situation. Other than that this feature may be really helpful.

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Hi Alex....further testing has shown me that the 

feature is somewhat limited...but better than nothing...

I have almost no rudder control when using my Xbox

controller....not sure why...but I did find that keyboard

rudder control works pretty now I use it , 

in conjunction with my Xbox controller, to

take off and it really makes a difference...

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