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Hi guys,


Hoping somebody can help. Using the latest version (6906) in P3D V4.4 I constatly have to reactivate my FORCE ATC WINDLOCK option.


This has actually been happening to me for sometime on a previous computer and 4.3 but I ignored it thinking it must be something unique to me in my settings. But a fresh install of 4.4 on a brand new rig and the problem persists so I thought I'd seek some advice.


Basically if I load AS, Load a Flightplan and then check the Station Data (or load myself into an airport within P3D) I see the wind displayed, but not the "Forced by ATC windlock" text. If i manually go into settings, wind options, uncheck and then recheck the box, hit APPLY then ATC wind lock becomes active in the SIM and on the MAP station data.


It's rather frustrating having to do this every flight. Am I missing a step or is there a workaround? Has anybody experienced this before?



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