Automated nVidia GPU overclocking

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On 12/26/2018 at 11:10 PM, jabloomf1230 said:

Beta 10 of MSI Afterburner now provides automated selection and testing of the best OC:


Personally I never see much improvement from OCing my GPU, but if you have a either a Pascal or Turing card, you might want to take a look at the above link.

Thanks Jay,

I've been considering buying a 2080Ti, but a little confused by NVidias GPU Boost.  Cards are sold with stated Boost clock.

In places I'm reading that GPU Boost will only take the clock as high as the stated oc, but I'm reading elsewhere that GPU Boost will take the clock as far as possible within thermal limits?

So, is it better to buy the cheapest card, even with the lowest stated GPU Boost clock, or a more expensive one with a faster stated Boost clock? :S

Cheers K

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I'm not a fan of GPU OCing, so my advice is probably not worth much. The main reason that identical cards from different manufacturers vary in price is that the GPUs are binned by performance and the big name companies like ASUS, EVGA and whole system vendors get the chips from the A bin. This is why the more expensive cards have a slightly boosted default clock. Mostly though IMO when you buy a branded card you are paying for both the brand name and the warranty/RMA policy.

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