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Scenery disappearing at certain angles

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I know this annoying problem coming from ancient ages for sim world, i have this problem for my vagar(EKVG) airport, i have to say that it is a stock airport. I have orbx global, open LC europe, ut live. I tried with different camera programs but no help. Any fix for this problem? thanks.



C. Uygar

Aircraft Maint. Engineer. at LTFJ

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I have see this happen most often with a stock airport combined with use of photo real scenery.  I had the issue at a number of airports.  For one that I fly into most often, KBMG in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, I finally spent time to create it as as addon airport and then I was able to layer it above the photo real.  Even then, as I assembled the airport, I had to search for mostly 3rd party add on library objects.  Fortunately I fly mostly GA and that airport was not too difficult to produce.  I have also been fortunate that Orbx has produced a good number of the airports I fly into and out of and included them in their Freeware Global Airports Scenery package(s).  I have also been able to layer them above photo real.

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I have this both with stock airport Vagar, and with MK Studios Vagar for P3dv4. I have no other scenery for the area, except ORBX Global base, Vector and LC EU. The disappearing scenery is in an angle of 100 degrees from ca 100-200 degrees. I have first seen this after upgrading to P3dv4.4, but it might have been there before. I am not a frequent flyer to EKVG, but I have been there  sometimes without experience that the buildings and runway are disappearing.

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