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Happy new year, congrats and approach problems....

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Hi guys (perhaps the resident gurus Sean and Rudi might read this :-).

first of all, a very happy 2019 to the community.
Big kudos, Sean, for creating the best GA aircraft for P3D on the market with brilliant aerodynamic behaviour and - for a first release - amazingly good G1000 simulation which we shall be excited to see grow and develop further.
I've been involved in the R&D for a robot-based full-flight Level-D simulator for DLR (see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGnKxWZqahE) and therefore spent a lot of time in the DA42. We also fly the TBM850 in the real world, so the G1000 feels a little bit like the home office.

I've noticed some unpredictable behaviour which never occurs on the real thing: after setting up approach normally (navdata used is 1813r1 through fsAerodata) the flight plan/autopilot correctly goes into direct mode to the iaf. 
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yvL_9bbQvIyGo_uuR-OJuh_7tvUgVDNW (MFD)

On reaching the iaf, instead of following the prodecure, it will jump to a random segment or even two further down the legs list and the aircraft turns to a random heading towards the field, not even the one it lists on the PFD:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N7NCMfr2mt_MA5j9BDIhcfOlSM6JKWnx (MFD), see PFD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UhWKJ9BW0BE1ReRh3xik6VtRDSV1ElEd

So the only way to deal with it is to jump from LNAV into Heading mode and fly the approach that way. 
One other little problem is that some altitudes in approaches are wrong (a few thousand feet off, for example in approach to and at the iaf in LOWI. Could this be a problem with Navigraph data ?
That's it for today, 



Sebastian J Hess
heavy PMDG user


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4 hours ago, Bazza744 said:

Hi guys (perhaps the resident gurus Sean...

Same posting here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/546928-vertx-da62-has-launched/?do=findComment&comment=3952185

Rüdiger ("Rudi") Heilig

My videos "Vertx DA62 - in detail - in a nutshell": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDO8_1njznTbsyJKEr3X2g

All my postings and other publications reflect my personal view only

Vertx Simulations beta tester

Real Air Simulations beta tester

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4 hours ago, simbol said:

why you don't post on their forums

I'm going to guess he didn't do that because their forums do not yet exist. 😉


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44 minutes ago, eslader said:

I'm going to guess he didn't do that because their forums do not yet exist. 😉


Well Sean Moloney email is clearly available on the main vertxsim.com website, so a support ticket can be raised 😉


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