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Ultimate Traffic Live new version

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I have switched over to UT Live from My Traffic Professional v6.0.  Should I uninstall the My Traffic Professional program?  I would think that they do not play nicely together.



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Before you uninstall MT6, you may want to investigate whether you will want to use some of the MT6 acft with UTLive...for example some cargo acft and/or repaints that do not exist in UTL are available in MT6, and you can assign the MT6 acft/liveries in the UTL config program.

On the flip side, leaving thousands of AI acft you don't use will significantly slow down loading of the sim, so to fix this, I move any MT6 acft I am not using in UTL to a different folder so the sim does not see/load them.

The two AI programs "coexist" just fine--UTL dynamically inserts AI acft while MT6 uses the P3D traffic bgl mechanism--but the key to not overloading your simulation with several sources of AI is to disable the MT6 traffic bgl files, which effectively leaves the acft in place but not used unless UTL injects them.


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