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Load Manager Setup Option

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Posted (edited)

Hi Chaps,

Just purchased the Maddog 82/83/88 yesterday for P3D V4 and also FS2Crew Maddog Rebooted.

Maddog Version = 1.3 b351

P3D Version 4.4

I have run everything as admin and disabled defender.

I have opened the load manager as per Manual to try and activate but it is not giving me an FS2Crew tab when selecting Setup.

I have RAAS, FS2Crew  777,747 & NGX Rebooted installed and working perfectly with no issues. 

Any ideas?



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Posted (edited)

OK, I have a way to get FS2Crew Working.

1. Make sure Maddog MD82/83/88 and FS2Crew Maddog Rebooted are uninstalled.

2. Install Maddog Base pack etc. MD82.

3.Install FS2Crew and activate via Maddog load manager in the conventional way.

4.Install Maddog 83/88.

5.Open the Maddog load manager and untick and retick the FS2Crew option.

Success it works! You must ensure that FS2Crew is installed prior to MD83/88 or the FS2Crew option will not appear in the load manager.

I have made a post in the Leonardo forum and will redirect them to this thread.

Kind Regards


(AKA FS2Crew 747 UK Ground Crew Voice)

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Hi lonz1988,

i followed your procedure to activate FS2Crew for Maddog X, P3dv4.4 However I still cannot find the option to acticate FS2Crew in the load manager. Where - under what tab - would it normally be?





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