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FSX Wilco Harrier used in P3Dv4: Capable of TacPack?

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Hi everybody and a happy new year belated,

I wonder if following is possible:

I own the WILCO Harrier GR3 for FSX, got it to run fairly in P3Dv4. Now I am planning to buy the TacPack for the latest P3Dv4 versions. I know the latest addons of Just Flight (Tornado/Hawk) but also the Milviz Phantoms are ready for TacPack. I own them both so TacPack would be a good purchase. But my most liked aircraft is the Harrier. So my question is:

Can I use the FSX Harrier, usable in P3Dv4 with TacPack in P3Dv4.* ? Means, am I able to add TacPack for P3Dv4 onto it, even if it is a FSX aircraft? Thank you very much in advance...

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The Harrier isn't TacPack ready in FSX is it, so it won't be in P3d either. 

You can add TacPack to it, but you'll have to code your own loading and firing gauges and maybe modify the model of you want the stores to display correctly and disappear when fired. 

Dave Garwood.

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Hmm - just one more thought.

In FSX, I used the freeware "weapon_x" to attach a 500lbr bomb to my Harrier. Incomparable to TacPack, but it works fine for me to fly some training attacks on my local ranges.

Does anybody know if "weapon_x" is usable in P3Dv4 as well? To work with, there it was needed to change some lines inside the saved flights of FSX, but it seems, P3Dv4 has altered the entries inside their saved flights file. (Hope dies last.... 😔)

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