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  1. Even some buildings are 3D, vegetation is missing at all. That's strange indeed....
  2. To my opinion, the more adds you have, the longer the loading time. Having had a fresh P3D install on a SSD, without any adds the sim starts within 30 - 45 seconds. Added ORBX, around 2 Minutes, now with full sceneries and programmes, it takes around 4 - 5 minutes. My 50 cent: I can live with this (I rummage in flightsim forums 😀 meanwhile for example...), if I have a stable and fine running system conversely.
  3. I recomment the Milviz Phantom F-4 E/J/S (or all other MV aircraft). There are many good tutorials on YT.
  4. Hi John, after buying a new rig and get all stuff sorted meanwhile, I am also looking for a FSRecorder replacement. Your suggestion sounds good - but how about recording helos? How are the features like "play your flight as AI" for formation flights? Do you have any experiences now within the last months?
  5. Yes, I understand, but the default event on my keyboard is Shift+D = release droppable objects. That's where I am stuck...
  6. Oliver, I am so glad that you get back to this. I will do some more experiments tomorrow. Indeed I have no idea how to get the Shift+d command to run. I try to change the key options and Shift+d worked fine when I used it as Engine start assignment. No problems at all. So in my case, there is a problem between my sim and PMX settings. Regarding the error message: The Wilco Harrier is a native FSX model that works fine in P3Dv4. I checked several aircraft which were also FSX natives, but ALL except for the Harrier attach the stuff without any problems. So I fear there is an issue with the Harrier itself. But thank you very much for effort.
  7. Thank you for quick reply, Oliver. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work to drop objects. Regarding the Harrier's payload stations: Other aircraft which I load list automatically some stations, the Harrier doesn't. I did several experiences with Add Row but once I click Apply I get this error message. Never mind, this programme is fantastic anyway.
  8. Hi and thank you for this outstanding freeware programme "Payload Manager X". I installed it and it runs fine. But I have two minor issues with PMX: 1. When I attached an object (for example a bomb), I can't release it with Shift+D for "droppable objects". If I push the key, nothing happens. 2. With some aircraft (for example the WILCO HARRIER) I got an error warning "untreated exception in the application". Is this because there are no default loading stations applied to the Harrier maybe?
  9. Gents - some months have elapsed but I would like to tell you, I exactly got the same problem yesterday - P3D stucks after loading at 6 %. So in my case, I would like to tell you, how it was solved: I downloaded and installed a imaging programme called "ACRONIS True Image" to save my flightsim for use on another PC shortly. That been done, the programme installed several minor features and also a small kind of protection programme. This short programme called "Acronis Active Protection" After I disabled it, my sim starts fine again. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR ANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE IN CASE OF ISSUES FOR UPDATES (SOME ARE FINE, BUT SOME MAY AFFECT YOUR PROGRAMMES BY TOO MASSIVE PROTECTING BEHAVIOUR). Hope this helps.
  10. Oh, thank you! Now it works fine. Thank you again for this great programme!
  11. Hi, just installed the payload manager and it's awesome how easy it seems to be used....probably 🤔. Means, everything works fine - it connects my selected aircraft immediately to the programme, scans all my objects, I am able to make a list of all needed attachable objects and I am able to see the blue squares to the right. I also can move them with my mouse as suggested. BUT: I have the problem that I am not able to add any object to my selected aircraft! Furthermore, I notice that just when I am starting PMX, my flightsim gets paused while for example the Maule in the tutorial video is still running. Is this correct and/or what did I wrong? Each hint is much welcome...
  12. Hmm - just one more thought. In FSX, I used the freeware "weapon_x" to attach a 500lbr bomb to my Harrier. Incomparable to TacPack, but it works fine for me to fly some training attacks on my local ranges. Does anybody know if "weapon_x" is usable in P3Dv4 as well? To work with, there it was needed to change some lines inside the saved flights of FSX, but it seems, P3Dv4 has altered the entries inside their saved flights file. (Hope dies last.... 😔)
  13. Thank you very much, Dave. I thought as much, but hope dies last...
  14. Hi everybody and a happy new year belated, I wonder if following is possible: I own the WILCO Harrier GR3 for FSX, got it to run fairly in P3Dv4. Now I am planning to buy the TacPack for the latest P3Dv4 versions. I know the latest addons of Just Flight (Tornado/Hawk) but also the Milviz Phantoms are ready for TacPack. I own them both so TacPack would be a good purchase. But my most liked aircraft is the Harrier. So my question is: Can I use the FSX Harrier, usable in P3Dv4 with TacPack in P3Dv4.* ? Means, am I able to add TacPack for P3Dv4 onto it, even if it is a FSX aircraft? Thank you very much in advance...
  15. Using the FSX version in P3Dv4 will work fine. All AI is FSX native, so no problems...
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