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Add on xml list in P3D

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Hi Oliver - 

This may be by design but I've noticed an apparent anomaly in P4AO

 I disable a group and save - get the error message noted in other thread and ignore. Close P4AO

Run P3D4 and get to scenario screen - check scenery lilst and disabled items are NOT active (good) - look at Addons in P3D4 and the addons which were disabled still show as checked. 

I know they get loaded because my load time increases to 2 minutes if they are checked even though they are disabled in the scenery library.

If I also UNCHECK the addons - all is well.  This is still with the MAIW freeware traffic addon.


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Hello Vic,

the dialog "Options->Add-ons" shows the addon packages, not the individual components. You could have thousands of sceneries in a package (=an add-on.xml), so P4AO can't just disable the whole package just because you decide to disable a single entry in it. It would only do that if you activate the "strict package law" on the tools dialog.

But I can see there may be a problem with the groups when you have the "strict package law" active - it is possible that the group feature is disregarding it. I will look into that.

Best regards

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