Anyone tried Vesa Adaptive/Freesync with Driver 417.71?

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For what it is worth, I have tried the 417.71 drivers with my 1070 graphics card and my Freesync monitor at 2560 x 1440 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate (Acer XZ321QU - not the compatible model which is the XZ321Q). Although the impression is given that the variable refresh rate may be better directed at the higher frame rate gaming (which flight sim isn't!) if e.g. you have a 144Hz monitor, at the lower frame rates we are more accustomed to in Prepar3D v4.4, my experience is favourable with an apparently smooth and stutter-free experience even if the fps drops below 30.

My advice is give G-Sync a try with these drivers if you have a Freesync monitor and judge for yourself if your experience is better or worse as the case may be. There are probably no hard-and-fast rules governing what to expect largely on account of the unknowns surrounding compatibility issues with monitors that are not yet passed as compatible by Nvidia itself.

So, a step in the right direction for me and hopefully better things to come as the technology evolves! 

Oh, and finally, it would appear that G-Sync does not support Windows 7 and does not work with this operating system.  


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Thanks. I spent some time reading about this feature on the nVidia subreddit and finally I had enough information to set it up. It seems to work with both XP11 and P3d4 (I haven't tried DCS yet). P3d4 seems a bit smoother, which is surprising since  many of the previous drivers didn't even support Gsync (let alone VESA freesync) for P3d4's borderless full screen mode. I tested at 4K/60 Hz in Win 10 1809. Your observation about "try it and see" is exactly what I would advise also. The biggest obstacle is trying to figure out whether one has a compatible monitor as nVidia has only officially tested a small number of monitors. Fortunately, someone else on /r nVidia had already tested my monitor brand and model.

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5 minutes ago, jabloomf1230 said:

compatible monitor

That's the whole secret. If it doesn't say it is it probably isn't.

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