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Does anyone know of any way to edit the colour of the actual sun texture and corona so that it changes based on time of day? E.g: during sunrise and sunset the disk of the sun is red/orange and gradually gets more yellow to white at noon.

Is there some kind of shader than can be tweaked?

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Don't know about the shader tweak, but Rex4 Texture direct with soft clouds has a set of about a dozen different sun textures and and effects that you can install and/or change quickly and easily.

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Like the above reply said, REX can help develop the sky textures, and the sun somewhat changes in those sky changes.  I don't believe there is a way to vary the sun texture/color just as in real life, the sun doesn't actually change colors.  The color wavelengths are just scattered when closer to the horizon due to terrain and air particles.

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Yeah I understand that REX offers custom sun textures. I have REX Sky Force with all the great textures it offers. 

What you are referring to is Rayleigh scattering and I use PTA to tweak the shaders of P3D however I feel as though the Rayleigh Scattering tweak it contains only really generates a blue “haze” and doesn’t try to scatter any sunlight accurately.

I guess I am just wishfully thinking that P3D has a way to accurately represent real-world atmospheric lighting.

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