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This summarizes my problem:

I purchased the Carenado PC-12 to replace my old F1 PC-12.

The Carenado aircraft is depicted with two 530s.

From RXP I purchased one new RXP530 ver2 from RXP and successfully installed it into the Carenado PC-12 panel.

Misguided or not, I assumed I would have to purchase a second RXP530 ver2 which I did.  I used paypal and was charged for the second unit, but while I attempted, unsuccessfully, to use the half-price coupon for the second unit. Unfortunately I found that I was charged the full price for the second unit.  I cannot find the second unit on my Win10 computer.  I now have learned that I might not have needed to actually buy a second 530, but could have somehow have accomplished it in the RXP website.

Can someone help me unravel this situation, getting me the second 530 at the half price and getting the second unit installed in my computer?

I didn't just fall off of the turnip truck, but I have found the RXP website much of a mystery.

Richard Harris

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Hi Richard, there is no need to have purchased two units. You can have 2 instances of the same gauge in a panel.  using the GUI and 530_1 and 530_2.(I have GTN's so not sure of the exact Syntax). It's well Documented in the Manual. I don't see why you can't ask for a F1 refund on the second unit? I'll let Jean Luc will be able to enlighten you further..

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let me try to remove the 'mystery' then!

1. the web site says:

$ 49.95 /license *
2 devices per panel / Windows only*
meaning 1 license = 2 devices

2. the web site as 2 products, one per type: GNS 530 V2 and GNS 430 V2
meaning 1 product = 1 license = 2 devices

3. since there are 2 products differentiated by type (530/430) the 2 devices included with the license are of the same type obviously.

4. the user's manual is freely downloadable prior purchase and explains all this in more details.

5. the web site says: If you have used the coupon correctly, the price will automatically adjust before you click the purchase button.

6. the e-commerce installer displays the final price prior purchase, there is no catch.

7. there is ample time to review the displayed price prior clicking the 'purchase' or whatever 'confirmation' button.

8. The 'readme.txt' file included in the coupon package ( says:


With the product you are purchasing and the product you already own,
find the applicable coupon file to use with the e-commerce installer:

Save 50% on the GNS 430 V2 FltSim (req. purchase of the GNS 530 V2 FltSim)
  Customers of RealityXP Garmin GNS 530 (FltSim) [RXP-GNS530-FS]
  Coupon File: rxp-add-430-to-530-fltsim.cpn

Only coupons with their applicable products are in the list and there is no ambiguity: there is no 530+530 coupon in the list.


8. What else would you expect? I'd suggest you process a refund request indeed...

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