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Eclipse over Ortho, CalNeva

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I cleared up some room on my "D" drive which I run Xplane11 from.  I use my "C" drive for P3D except for my home spun photoreal scenery made with FSEarthtiles for P3D.  This allows for very easy add-on scenery management, because I can upgrade right over the scenery without having to edit config files after the upgrade, it is the way P3D and Xplane are supposed to work. 

Xplane uses a more DOS like approach in its handling of its files, since they also support Unix on other platforms.  Ha ha, I had to become "a computer ambidextrous type of guy to have a career in hotel systems and aviation systems, so I learned both Unix and DOS".  If one knows them well, all viruses and malware can be defeated except for a boot sector virus, and modern PC's have well protected boot sectors.  I had a brief hit of glory many years ago, Google was cyberattacked and at risk of going down, but as one of the earliest DOS users and given my acquaintance with Bill Gates once upon a time, I got ahold of Google, informed them of what was going on and how to fix it.  Why?  Because my box was cyberattacked as well.  I cannot reveal how I helped them because if I did, the hackers would have the upper hand.  I will say this, there is a trojan in hackers systems, and it is legal to put it there if cyberattacked,  That is why I support Developers and their rights to profit from what they give us.  I do not like to advertise for them, my purpose here in this forum is just to share a piece of their product that I have enjoyed, I call it benevolent advertising.  As a someone who has worked with development shops since 1989, all the way up to American Airlines, I stand side by side with their right to earn a living and our right to enjoy unhacked products. If you take something for free, which we all have some way or another, you are obligated to give back, to contribute to the economy, it is just a form of gift giving.  They say it is better to give than to receive.  My feelings, with these forums, it is better to give and receive, lol...  Backstory over.  That way, if my pics bore you, you can read the story, if the story bores you, you can gaze at the pics, and if both bore u, click that lil X in the upper right of your browser!!!!  🙃





















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Extremely nice scenery in those views.


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