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Finally a 1080ti

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To start with I am a conscientious objector to spending in the ball park of CAD$2000 on a GPU. It would lead to terrible blood shed in my house. My blood!

So this is the one I got:

Still available and at more of less the same price as a 2080ti. What Kind of insanity is this?

Anyway I had resolved that I would buy a used 1080ti back when the 2080ti was released.

So this thread is about the lessons learned from the mistakes in timing in my strategy so that I don't make the same mistake in a year or two when it comes to doing the same thing.

Anyway, Here in Canada we have a website called I don't know if it exists in other countries but its like a slicker version of craigslist. It's also owned by Ebay but like Craigslist the transaction is carried out face to face with the buyer and seller and the ads are placed free of charge.

Anyway I had set myself a price of CAD$550 to buy a used 1080ti off Kijiji a few months back when they where being advertised for about $650 to $700. I made a few offers of $550 all of which where turned down. I figured I wait until January and they would come down. Not so they went up! They where being listed from $750 to $900 or $1000. What's going on I asked myself. Especially, since keeping a close eye on the adds I knew that nobody was buying at that price. If I am trying to sell something and nobody is buying I lower the price!

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I replied to every 1080ti ad that was listed from $750 to $900 on kijiji offering $650. That was about 20 ads and I go "drop dead" replies from most advertisers but I got a couple of replies making counter offers and within a couple of days I had made a deal with a seller who was originally looking for $800 for $700. It was a 1 year old Asus ROG STRIX 1080ti in original packaging with original accessories. Also got the sales receipt which showed the serial number on the card and date of purchase from Canada Computers high street store. No name on the receipt so  worries about transfer of another 2 years of warranty. The card checks out wonderfully and there are major improvements in Prepar3D V4.4 in VR.

Today I sold my good old EVGA 980Ti XC ACX 2.0+ on Kijiji and got $300 cash. That card which I bought used from a fellow AVSIMer a couple of years ago owes me nothing. It was a great card and it lives on in another system.

So all in all I am $400 into a as new 1080ti which is still available new for CAD$2050 including tax.

I only regret that I didn't play for $600 at the time the 2080ti was released. There where a lot of user anxious to sell then to finance their 2080ti purchase and I might have gotten a bit more for 980ti.

The upshot is that unless you have very deep pockets it makes a lot of sense to stay one generation behind on GPU's


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