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Some WWII, post war, and one unique modern era aircraft...  How do you find one of those unique modern era aircraft?  U "nique" up on it.  Also, since I was Unix certified and MS-DOS certified way back when, I can share a secret-- Unix was "U-nique", DOS came after.  Actually they both share from each other anyway, or so we say in the biz....  The OS's that followed for the PC's that came out were FUBAR'd (inside joke)....  FUBAR does not mean what you think it means.  It actually means "First Unix but "Ah" recognized DOS"......

Last, this is what really went on before the "Miracle on the Hudson" in the eyes of ATC, not the pilots:

"M.R. Ducks."

"M.R. Not Ducks."

"O.S.A.R. C.M. Wangs?"

"L.I.B! M.R. Ducks."

Translation: "Them are ducks." "Them are not ducks." "Oh, yes, they are. See them wings?" "Well, I'll be! Them are ducks."

OK, so no one laughs, I must be Johnny Carson's ghola, if you know anything about the Dune series of books. 



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Nice set, John.

And, about "Miracle on the Hudson"...hmm...Anyway, I recall I had read the exact script of the ATC communication. Also, did see "Sully" - Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood et al. did a great job....

Not sure, if I would see it on a flight though...

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I understood not a single word (Computer-Sprech? Pidgin?), but anyway, great pics. The Hurricane is fantastic!

I like historic aircraft; and about the modern one (o.k., more than 30 years old, too): Some months ago, the six-engined Antonov flew straight over my house, descending for EDDP Leipzig.

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