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  1. 1. Should we hold a 2020 Race?

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Alright race fans, time to get serious here. 2020, do you want a race ? I know SOH is struggling with members so we need ideas. With Mike and Rob stepping down, I’m it for an executive committee. I know I run the site and make the Duenna but it’s not my race, it’s your race.  

Evaluate the current setup, current rule structure and perhaps the race needs a shakeup to continue. We need ideas, if you want to continue let’s hear them. I’d like to see a true RTW next year if possible.

So 2020, yay or nay?

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Just for the record I'd like to post my suggestion for the future of the race. My main concern with the race is the commitment of so much time. I'm an old timer (62 here) and four or five days of racing with a skeleton staff during the graveyard shift is just too exhausting.

If the race was much shorter I would feel like I could commit to it. If we could count on maybe 18 racers from the combined SOH / Avsim population maybe we could divide them into two or three groups and race for 12 or 24 hours. I know I've got a SOH forum membership so maybe some Avsim racers could fly for SOH, or we could set up another forum for a third team.

I would miss the familiar banter of Team Avsim on Teamspeak, but maybe some SOH guys could join Avsim in order to make the blend of players seem more familiar.

Four or five days of racing is a daunting prospect for me, and possibly for some potential new recruits, but 12 or 24 hours could be more attractive.


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I'll add some more thoughts after reading the SOH thread Eamonn posted where the guys were also suggesting that a shorter race may be in order.

Maybe we could combine all of SOH's and Avsim's pilots in a pool from which lots were drawn to select which team each pilot was to fly for. It would ensure that each team had as many pilots as the other which would be fairer for each, but more importantly more fun for the relatively disadvantaged team. It's no good for all of us if some become discouraged and drop out of the potential candidate pool.

The other factor I was considering was the deployment of a Google Ads campaign for the period beginning in December up until race day. From memory these can be done quite cheaply if someone had to cover the cost unilaterally (such as myself), or we could voluntarily donate to someone's Paypal account who would in turn pay for a modest advertising campaign.

Someone mentioned on Teamspeak over the weekend that we had great organisational and piloting skills, but we really suck at marketing.


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