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Hello everybody,

this is just a topic to confirm that everyone has the same problems I have - it's not a PMX bug report.

I use and love PMX for adding passengers on smaller planes or a FO, but on some aircraft it doesn't work:

a) Carenado Bonanza F33A: If PMX auto-connects and I start up with this plane, there are payload stations, but if I then "apply", PMX shows an exception error. If I then restart PMX, there are no payload stations. Reload the airplane and then PMX, but there are no payload stations anymore, probably until I restart the sim. The airplane name is displayed on the top of the window.

b) MJC Dash 8: Sim freezes and crashes completely after adding an object.

Again: I'd just like to know if others have the same problem. I am aware that especially the Dash 8 is a "special case".



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Hello Dimitrios,

  1. is probably caused by a defective aircraft.cfg. If you send it to me by email, I will take a look at the file, see if I can spot something. I had this happen to me too on a few occasions, there is probably an incorrect parameter or comment in the file.
  2. The PMX works for me with the Q400
    She doesn't like it when you press "Apply", so you should first create all your payload stations for your attachments by adding new rows. Don't use the existing ones.Press "Apply" once, reload if the sim crashes - your new payload stations should be there.
    Then add the objects, adjust the positions, and press "Apply" again. Reload.

I have just added a first officer to my Dash-8 for the sake of the argument. Had to reinstall and update her first though, haven't used the plane since I updated to P3D 4.4. But it works just fine, she even survived the "Apply".

Best regards


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Hi Oliver, thanks for your reply. I will try that and get back to you - also about that cfg file.

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